Easiest Alternative to a Business Loan from a Bank

Do you need a business loan to get you over a slow period or to ensure cash-flow while waiting for clients to pay? Have you tried to apply for a business loan, just to be turned down because your company has not been in operation long enough? Do you want to expand operations and want […]

Best Alternative to Conventional Quick Loans

The Internet is full of ads for quick loans, but once you apply, the process takes too long, and you can wait for several days before receiving the money. In addition, you have to navigate through the fraud sites and at the end of the day, it seems as if micro loans are your best […]

Get Money in Your Bank to Use Towards Debt Consolidation

Are you drowning in debt? Is your credit profile so bad that you simply cannot qualify for a consolidation loan to cover all your debts? Is the consolidation loan offered too low to ensure that you can pay off all your debts? Are you able to afford the monthly payments on the loan, but you […]

How You Can Obtain Bridging Finance Without the Hassle

Bridging finance can come in all kinds of shapes. Usually, it is used to tide a person over from one financial situation to another. For instance, a person may need a substantial deposit to secure an apartment, but their current paycheque does not quite cover the expense, so they need extra finance. Sometimes, a cheque […]

Can You Use Your Car as Collateral for a Cash Loan?

It is a sad fact of life that we cannot always afford the financial burdens that are laid upon us. Your daughter may have to go to university, and you need to pay out thousands of rands. Perhaps you lost your job and, as a result, your family needs money to survive? Or perhaps a […]

Need Short-Term Loans and the Banks Will Not Help? 

A lot of people get into a situation where they need short-term loans at some stage during their lives. It may just be to tide them over at the end of a hard month, or it may be to pay university fees or school fees at short notice after a hard December. One of the […]

What Are Asset Loans And How Do They Work?

If you need a loan, you have many options, but few are as quick and easy as asset loans. Personal loans may be too risky, because they are not secured against an asset. As a result, financial-services institutions such as banks are often reluctant to offer personal loans without carefully assessing the income, credit rating, […]

Need a Loan Company?

Need A Loan in A Hurry? Try Our Loan Company! All of us go through a rough patch financially at some stage of our lives. Sometimes this is due to illness or it could be that you need money to pay for university of school fees. While it is easy to repay smaller amounts, many […]

Apply for a Collateral Loan

Need A Loan Urgently? Apply for Collateral Loans From XCELSIOR If you have too much month left at the end of your money or had some huge expenses, you have options. You could sell assets to raise cash, but it might still not be enough, or it may take too long to sell your goods. […]

Pawn My Car

Pawn My Car for Extra Cash Now! Here is a question that many people seem to be asking: “Can I pawn my car to get some extra cash?” If this is the type of question that you have been asking, you have come to the right place. Pawning your car is one of the least […]