Where and Why Pawn Your Car for Cash in Pretoria?

Emergencies are just that – unforeseen circumstances, and sometimes, you just do not have the finances to deal with the unfortunate events. To this end, consider how easy we make it to pawn your car for cash in Pretoria. Money in Your Bank Account We have an office in Pretoria. This means you can drive […]

Reasons to Pawn My Vehicle in Sandton

We understand that the history of pawn brokers in South Africa may deter you from considering the question of “why should I pawn my vehicle in Sandton?” However, several credible second-hand stores have opened their doors for business over the last two decades. As such, borrowing money against an asset has become an affordable means […]

What is the Best Way to Pawn My Car in Cape Town?

Opportunity knocks and you need money fast. Apart from a micro loan, where can you get the money? We look at some questions you might have, such as “how do I pawn my car in Cape Town?” and others, helping you to make an informed decision on how to get money fast. Can I Pawn […]

Why Pawn Your Car for Cash in Witbank as Opposed to Selling It?

High living costs as the result of an increase in fuel prices, electricity tariffs, school fees, and food can take a toll on your finances. A poor credit record because of a past default on a loan can severely hinder your ability to qualify for a bank loan, overdraft facility, or even a short-term loan. […]

Why Pawn Your Car in Boksburg?

Life is unpredictable. Sudden death in the family, job loss, or perhaps a medical expense cannot be foreseen. In such an instance, you will be glad to know that you can pawn your car if you need money. Boksburg certainly has many micro lenders, but do you want to pay high interest on the amount […]

Fast and Hassle-Free Short-Term Loans Against Vehicles in Cape Town

Do you need cash fast? Perhaps you had, in the past, unsuccessfully applied for short-term loans. Cape Town most certainly has many providers of short-term loans, but in most instances, you must have a good credit score and proof of income. We are different in the sense that we do not require you to have […]

Short-Term Loans to Help Out Self-Employed South Africans

Being self-employed means having the freedom to decide how to manage your business. However, being your own boss does come with a downside. Banks and financial lenders favour salaried workers. If you are self-employed, applying for short-term loans from banks goes hand-in-hand with having to meet very strict lending criteria. For one, you need to […]

Pawn My Car – Your Questions Answered

Whether you require money to put down a deposit for a property, need to pay off credit cards, or want to start a business, pawning your vehicle is a suitable solution. However, we want you to make an informed decision and thus answer some of your typical questions below. I have a poor credit history, […]

Should You Pawn Your Vehicle for Cash?

With it becoming increasingly difficult to get credit in South Africa, especially considering the ever-stricter lending criteria of the traditional financial institutions, many small business owners are and at a loss and left with few alternatives when it comes borrowing money. You may be one of them. Though the idea of having to pawn your […]

How Security Loans Help Smaller Businesses Address Cash-Flow Problems

The Department of Small Business Development published a report in 2017 that showed government departments were slow to pay invoices at the time. According to the report, invoices of more than R4.3 billion remained unpaid in September 2017. This is, however, a trend that continues. Small- and medium-sized businesses, delivering products and services to government […]