Short-Term Loans to Help Out Self-Employed South Africans

Being self-employed means having the freedom to decide how to manage your business. However, being your own boss does come with a downside. Banks and financial lenders favour salaried workers. If you are self-employed, applying for short-term loans from banks goes hand-in-hand with having to meet very strict lending criteria. For one, you need to […]

Pawn My Car – Your Questions Answered

Whether you require money to put down a deposit for a property, need to pay off credit cards, or want to start a business, pawning your vehicle is a suitable solution. However, we want you to make an informed decision and thus answer some of your typical questions below. I have a poor credit history, […]

Should You Pawn Your Vehicle for Cash?

With it becoming increasingly difficult to get credit in South Africa, especially considering the ever-stricter lending criteria of the traditional financial institutions, many small business owners are and at a loss and left with few alternatives when it comes borrowing money. You may be one of them. Though the idea of having to pawn your […]

How Security Loans Help Smaller Businesses Address Cash-Flow Problems

The Department of Small Business Development published a report in 2017 that showed government departments were slow to pay invoices at the time. According to the report, invoices of more than R4.3 billion remained unpaid in September 2017. This is, however, a trend that continues. Small- and medium-sized businesses, delivering products and services to government […]

Quick, Short-Term Loans for Small Business Owners

Small business owners often struggle to get business assistance from banks, especially quick, short-term loans. However, such businesses are the most at risk of closing doors because of short-term cash flow problems. The owners may require cash injections to bridge periods in which they wait for payments from clients or for funding new opportunities. With […]

A Viable Alternative to Car Pawn for Cash Offerings

With petrol prices being extremely high, food prices competing to top the margins of petrol, and electricity hikes on the horizon once again, you may be tempted to browse for car pawn for cash ads in the classifieds. This is especially true if you have already maxed out your credit cards and do not exactly […]

Easiest Alternative to a Business Loan from a Bank

Do you need a business loan to get you over a slow period or to ensure cash-flow while waiting for clients to pay? Have you tried to apply for a business loan, just to be turned down because your company has not been in operation long enough? Do you want to expand operations and want […]

Best Alternative to Conventional Quick Loans

The Internet is full of ads for quick loans, but once you apply, the process takes too long, and you can wait for several days before receiving the money. In addition, you have to navigate through the fraud sites and at the end of the day, it seems as if micro loans are your best […]

Get Money in Your Bank to Use Towards Debt Consolidation

Are you drowning in debt? Is your credit profile so bad that you simply cannot qualify for a consolidation loan to cover all your debts? Is the consolidation loan offered too low to ensure that you can pay off all your debts? Are you able to afford the monthly payments on the loan, but you […]

How You Can Obtain Bridging Finance Without the Hassle

Bridging finance can come in all kinds of shapes. Usually, it is used to tide a person over from one financial situation to another. For instance, a person may need a substantial deposit to secure an apartment, but their current paycheque does not quite cover the expense, so they need extra finance. Sometimes, a cheque […]