Blacklisted and need a loan against your car?

In this article we explain exactly what happens if you take out a loan against a car with XCELSIOR. We explain the way our business model works, why you should keep your car and use it against a loan rather than sell it, as well as the legal aspects and important information that you need […]

A guide to getting a short term loans against your car

In this extensive guide, we take you through what it means to take out a loan against your car. We explain why getting a loan from a bank or microlenders in South Africa is difficult and complex, especially for those who have been blacklisted and need a loan urgently, are freelancing or self-employed. We explain […]

How to get your same day cash loans for blacklisted?

Getting a loan in this day and age can be incredibly tough. Those who genuinely need financial aid, such as those seeking cash loans and are blacklisted, can be both left feeling disappointed and frustrated. Today we’ll explore how to get a loan if you’re self-employed, why short-term loans are growing in popularity and how […]

Taking a loan against a vehicle

Taking out a loan against your vehicle has become a quick and easy solution to secure cash. Many people have thought about taking out collateral (based on a car) loans, but their adverse credit history, unfortunately, counts against them. Despite their negative credit history, it has become easier than ever to secure funding; we’ll explore […]

What is bridge financing?

If you consider your loan options and have come across bridging finance loans, you have indeed uncovered a good option. To understand how bridging finance works, you need to understand what is bridging finance. Bridging finance is ultimately a short-term loan application secured against future income due to a transaction involving property sale, otherwise known […]

Why is microlending profitable in South Africa?

Microlending is the hottest new trend in global finance, it’s changing the way people loan money and the profitability of the entire loan industry. Micro finance or micro credit is essentially the loaning of small amounts at affordable interest rates. This is often done against collateral assets, such as a short term loan against a […]

What you need to know about secured loans

Getting a loan can be tricky, all the paperwork required, certified forms not to mention the time it takes to get paid. However, secured loans such as the ones provided by XCELSIOR are revolutionising the loan industry. When it comes to loans, there are two critical concepts, these are secured or collateral loans and unsecured […]

Getting an urgent loan for blacklisted people

According to recent statistics released, more than half of South African consumers have an adverse listing on their credit record. Consumers have a staggering amount of debt and will find it difficult to source credit from mainstream credit providers such as banks. However, this doesn’t mean that these consumers don’t need access to credit, yet […]

Quick Short Term Loans

Why choose our quick short-term loan offer? You don’t know what tomorrow holds. Unforeseen circumstances can cause a serious cash-flow issue. Banks and micro-lenders can provide you with the money you need to overcome a cash-flow problem, but only if you have proof of income and a good credit history. Our quick short-term loans are […]

Business Loan Against a Vehicle

How to get money for your business expansion: getting a business loan against a vehicle Entrepreneurs form the backbone of the economy, yet, accessing funds for new projects, start-ups, expansions or to manage cash-flow situations can be challenging. A solution is now available in the form of a business loan against your vehicle. How does […]

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