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    Terms & Conditions Apply

    Your details will never be shared with a third party or be used to send you spam. APR: 36% to 60% Loan period: Minimum 2 months to maximum 36 months. Should a client wish to pay up his loan before his term ends he/she will be able to do so without any penalty fees. Interest and fees outstanding will thus be calculated pro-rata. Representative Example: Nett loan amount, R 2 500.00, term 3 months, APR (Annual Percentage Rate) 60%, initiation fee of R250, monthly service fee of R68.40. Monthly instalment R1 110.07 and total amount payable of R3 330.20.

    For each client you refer to us, we give you 1% of their approved loan amount as commission, so please start spreading the word! *T&C apply








    1) Application
    Phone us to arrange an appointment, or complete the online application form and we will contact you. An XCELSIOR representative can even visit you if it’s more convenient than coming to our offices. The whole process is paperless, so there is no paper work to complete. The full application process takes about 30 minutes.
    2) Assessment
    We quickly assess the asset(s) that you put up as collateral to determine the loan amount you qualify for. Within minutes, the size of the loan is calculated from the value of your vehicle, truck, bike or motor sport vehicles. Based on this assessment, we will loan you up to 50% of the asset’s value.
    3) Approval
    In your presence, we immediately make the payment via electronic funds transfer to the bank account of your choice. You can have access to the cash within 30 minutes of starting the application process.
    4) Storage of Vehicles

    Once the loan has been approved your asset will be stored at a secure storage facility.

    5) Repayment
    You either repay the full loan amount or service the monthly interest and charges. As soon as you wish to settle your loan, we return your security in the same condition as we received it.

     XCELSIOR provides short-term loans to clients that need cash flow

    With the current financial constraints, it has become increasingly difficult to obtain cash – especially via traditional methods, like bank loans. Our unique loan model is particularly beneficial to clients who need instant bridging finance or who are not considered credible by mainstream financial institutions.

    We respect your privacy and guarantee absolute discretion throughout the loan process.

    The loan application is quick, easy and paperless. Due to our unique business model, no background checks are done and loans can be approved even if you are blacklisted. Our ethical process is completely transparent and involves no hidden costs or nasty surprises.

    XCELSIOR offers loans against motor vehicles (cars, trucks, bikes, boats, caravans, and even motorised sports vehicles, like jet skis). These assets are used as collateral and ownership remains with you. Upon approval and immediate pay-out all vehicles are safely stored in a secure storage facility and returned upon settlement of the loans. This allows clients to acquire instant cash, without disposing of their valuable assets begging the question – Why sell your vehicle when you can loan against it?






    We understand that life throws curve balls and sometimes you need to access cash fast. We hope that our loan will enable you to respond to whatever situation you are facing. XCELSIOR offers loans against vehicles (cars, trucks, bikes, boats, caravans, and even motorised sports vehicles, like jet skis). These assets are used as collateral on your loan and ownership remains with you. Whether you need quick cash for your business, a family emergency, or for any other unexpected expense, if you have a vehicle you can use as security we’ll loan you the cash today!


    Please take note of the following:

    1. We do not offer vehicle finance. We offer loans secured against your vehicle.
    2. We unfortunately do not accept property.
    3. Your vehicle must be fully paid off.
    4. The vehicle must be in your name or in your company’s name.
    5. We take possession of the vehicle and store it in a safe and secure storage facility.



    XCELSIOR prides itself in looking after your vehicle as if it was our own so rest assured that your vehicle is safe with us. Your valued asset(s) will be kept in a secure storage facility, with 24-hour video surveillance, strict access control and electrified perimeter fencing. Your vehicle is also fully insured whilst in our possession ensuring your vehicle is also safeguarded whilst in our care. Once your loan has been paid up, all vehicles are returned to their owners in the same condition as what we receive them in.

    Take a look at our secure storage facility below. 



    We accept all types of vehicles as security – including motor cars, bakkies, caravans & SUVs, trucks, bikes, and even motorised sports vehicles, like jet skis. The value of your vehicle determines the loan amount you’ll qualify for – with 50% of the value covering the loan. To give you an idea, below are some of the vehicles we’ve kept as security:







    Why should I go to XCELSIOR and not my bank for a loan?

    Unlike the mainstream financial institutions, applying for a loan at XCELSIOR is extremely quick and easy. We do not conduct lengthy credibility assessments, nor do we care whether you’re blacklisted or not. The value of your vehicle simply determines the loan amount you qualify for. We thus don’t take your creditworthiness into account whatsoever. Plus, the whole application process takes less than an hour. No forms to fill in and no fuss. With XCELSIOR it is simply quicker and easier.

    What documentation does XCELSIOR need for me to apply for a loan?

    You would only need to bring along your ID/Passport, Drivers Licence and the original registration papers of the vehicle registered in your name. Should the vehicle be in your business name we would also require your company documents, your business registration certificate (BRNC) as well as the identification documents for all directors involved. The application process doesn’t involve any other paperwork.

    What is the minimum and the maximum loan amounts that I can borrow from XCELSIOR?

    XCELSIOR will lend from a minimum of R5 000 to a maximum of R250 000. The value of the vehicle you use as security will determine your loan amount.

    How do I know how much I can qualify for from XCELSIOR?
    XCELSIOR determines the value of your vehicle and (based on this value) calculates the loan amount.
    How long does it take until I receive the cash?

    XCELSIOR prides itself on being fast and efficient. Our loan process, from start to finish, will take approximately 30 minutes. You can have your cash, transferred to the account of your choice, within 30 minutes from application.

    Does XCELSIOR need to know what I use the money for?
    No, XCELSIOR handle all transactions professionally and with the utmost discretion. We don’t ask any personal questions.
    What does XCELSIOR accepts as security?
    XCELSIOR accepts all types of vehicles as security. You can use a car, truck, bike, boat, bakkie, caravan, and even some motorised sports vehicles, like jet skis as security. All vehicles need to be in a good and drivable condition.
    Why does XCELSIOR keep my vehicle?
    As you are entering into a pawn agreement with XCELSIORby using your vehicle as security on your loan,XCELSIOR keeps your vehicle for the term of your loan. Your vehicle is thus stored in a safe and secure storage facility and is fully insured whilst in XCELSIOR’s possession. Once your loan has been settled your vehicle is returned to you, in the exact same condition as what we’ve received it in.
    Where does XCELSIOR store my vehicle?
    XCELSIOR stores all vehicles in a secure storage facility, manned by security guards. The storage facility also has electric perimeter fencing, strict access control and 24-hour surveillance cameras. Please click here to view some of the security measures that are permanently in place.


    Who will drive my car to the secure storage facility and back?
    In most cases your vehicle will be loaded onto a vehicle trailer and taken to our storage facility thereby reducing the risk of any accidents. In some cases, your vehicle could be driven to the facility. Only a competent driver, with at least five years of driving experience, will transport your vehicle to our secure storage facility and back to the branch where your loan was processed.
    Does XCELSIOR have insurance for my vehicle while being in its possession?
    XCELSIOR is insured with a reputable and leading insurance company in South Africa. The insurance covers accident, theft, fire and hail damage. However, XCELSIOR advises clients to maintain their own insurance cover up-to-date and in force for the duration of their loan.
    Will my car be used by XCELSIOR at any time during the loan period?

    Your vehicle will never be driven during the course of the loan, except when being transported to and from our storage facility. It safely stays at our storage facility until it is returned to you upon repayment of the loan.


    What if I cannot settle the loan with XCELSIOR?

    We always keep a client’s best interests at heart. Should you be unable to repay the full amount due to XCELSIOR, we will extend the contract – providing that the total interest is paid in full on the due date.

    In the unfortunate event that you are unable to fulfil your part of the contract and settle your loan or just wish to sell your vehicle instead, XCELSIOR will sell your vehicle to recuperate all funds which does not in any way affect your credit ratings.

    Why can I not pawn and still drive my vehicle?
    According to recent rulings by the NCR, the Pawn and Drive Scheme has been declared illegal due to the nature of the transaction and therefore XCELSIOR does not offer this type of product.


    Sibusiso (Boksburg)

    The service I was given by the staff at Boksburg was very good – No word to mention, as I was in dire need of cash. Well done, keep up the excellent work. Not afraid to refer more clients here. Mar 2016

    Jacob (Boksburg)

    Conveniet when I really needed it. Feb 2016

    Wilfred (Sandton)

    Very helpful & patient. Mar 2016

    Lefa (Pretoria East)

    Thank you very much for the good business ethics. Keep it up! Nov 2014

    Disha (Pretoria North)

    I was never so happy in my life when Xcelsior helped me. May 2016

    Itumeleng (Pretoria East)

    Excellent service I received is well appreciated. Keep up the good service. Sep 2014

    Solomon (Witbank)

    The service is wonderfully excellent. Keep up the good relationship and work. I will recommend relatives and friends to seek financial assistance from your institution. Oct 2014

    Mnisi (Pretoria East)

    Nice and excellent service and friendly staff. Keep up the good work. Jan 2016

    Soften (Sandton)

    Thank you very much for your assistance and professionalism. I will definitely refer you to my friends and colleagues. Hope to see you guys. March 2016

    Nandipha (Boksburg)

    Great service, will recommend Xcelsior to my family friends. Apr 2016

    Vusi (Pretoria East)

    Xcelsior is the good financial institute you can visit. Is the best. Feb 2014

    Nishani (Sandton)

    I’ve dealt with Peppy 2x’s and I’m very grateful for the outstanding service I received. She really does go beyond the call of duty. Jun 2016

    Samuel (Boksburg)

    A professional service rendered to customer. Apr 2016

    Michelle (Pretoria East)

    Baie goeie diens. Geld onmiddellik beskikbaar. Kliente word met respek en vriendelikheid hanteer en ook proffesioneel. May 2016

    RM (Pretoria East)

    Service was good. He had to wait for us after office hours. Will definitely use your services again. May 2016

    K.E (Witbank)

    Service was good to be trusted. I was helped and got my car in good condition and I was helped with my business. Thanks a lot. Sep 2014

    Happy (Witbank)

    I was welcomed and treated with high respect during the time I applied for the loan and the helpfulness of your staff will make me tell other customers about an excellent service they are delivering. Thanks. Feb 2015

    John (Pretoria East)

    I find the team helpful, professional and understanding. I will most definitely refer people. Thanks for the great service. Mar 2016

    N Mahlalela (Witbank)

    My problem was solved. Jul 2016

    H Padi (Boksburg)

    I am very satisfied with the service I got. The consultant was quick and very efficient. Thank you Excelsior Boksburg. You rock. Mar 2015

    N Mahlalela (Witbank)

    If I ever myself in trouble again, I will definitely use your services again. Your service is great. Jun 2016

    M Moto (Pretoria North)

    Very good services. It help me a lot when I needed it the most. Jul 2016

    M Modise (Pretoria North)

    Excellent client care and service provided. Thanks a-lot. Jun 2016

    M Hlabangane (Witbank)

    Excellent service, great customer care and after care. Will definitely be back. Jul 2016

    L Wakeford (Witbank)

    The service is wonderfully excellent. Keep up the good relationship and work. I will recommend relatives and friends to seek financial assistance from your institution. Oct 2014

    G Viviers (Witbank)

    Baie goeie diens my tot gehelp op ‘n Saterdag. Baie dankie Witbank tak baie vriendelik en behulpsaam. Jul 2016

    F Chesa (Witbank)

    Service was excellent. Jun 2016

    EVMJ Kubeka (Sandton)

    Without favour you guys are Godsend to rescue the needy in tough times, considering our bad economy. Please continue to be there for desperate times that knocks in our doors without notice. Well done to all your staff members at Sandton branch who gave us a warm reception. Jun 2016

    CS Cronje (Pretoria North)

    Diens baie goed. Dankie julle. Jun 2016

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