Short-Term Loans to Help Out Self-Employed South Africans

Being self-employed means having the freedom to decide how to manage your business. However, being your own boss does come with a downside. Banks and financial lenders favour salaried workers. If you are self-employed, applying for short-term loans from banks goes hand-in-hand with having to meet very strict lending criteria. For one, you need to […]

Pawn My Car – Your Questions Answered

Whether you require money to put down a deposit for a property, need to pay off credit cards, or want to start a business, pawning your vehicle is a suitable solution. However, we want you to make an informed decision and thus answer some of your typical questions below. I have a poor credit history, […]

Should You Pawn Your Vehicle for Cash?

With it becoming increasingly difficult to get credit in South Africa, especially considering the ever-stricter lending criteria of the traditional financial institutions, many small business owners are and at a loss and left with few alternatives when it comes borrowing money. You may be one of them. Though the idea of having to pawn your […]

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