How does a secured loan against your vehicle work?

A secured loan is a loan for which you put up security. It can take many forms, but for a pawn transaction, it entails putting up an asset for safe storage until you have paid back the amount borrowed. For a pawn transaction, the collateral is usually a movable asset. For short-term loans against vehicles […]

Incredibly quick short-term loans when you need money fast

Incredibly quick short-term loans when you need money fast Need cash quickly? Do not have time to go through lengthy application processes? If so, you will appreciate the short-term loans available against vehicles available from us. If you own a boat, car, truck, bakkie, caravan, or motorcycle and have the original registration papers as proof […]

Cannot get a loan? Pawn your truck in three easy steps for quick cash

Do not sell your truck if you need cash to tie your business over a difficult time. Instead, pawn it and use the money to ensure a healthy cash-flow. If you have an extra truck or bakkie registered in your name or your business name and have the original registration papers as proof of ownership, […]

Quick pawn loans for financial emergencies make credit more accessible for South Africans

Quick pawn loans against vehicles provide a welcoming reprieve for cash-strapped individuals who need money immediately for emergency expenses. With these loans, individuals do not need proof of income, employment histories, or superb credit scores. The reason why someone borrows money does not matter either Everyone’s situation is unique. For one person, an emergency can […]

Blacklisted? How to get a loan against your car

Millions of South Africans cannot get approval from banks and even micro-lenders for loans when they need money fast. If you are in a similar situation, you will be glad to know that even if you are blacklisted, you can get a loan against your car. How do you qualify for one of the blacklisted […]

Get cash when you need it by pawning your car

Need money fast? Not ready to part with your vehicle forever? Do not sell it. We have the solution. Pawning your car is one of the fastest ways to access cash when you need it most. You do not need to give up ownership of your vehicle since you simply borrow against its value. It […]

How can you easily borrow cash against your vehicle?

Months of lockdown have taken a toll on the South African economy and already cash-strapped consumers are struggling to qualify for short-term loans. If you are among the millions of people who are no longer credit worthy, there is hope. Read on as we explain how you can easily borrow cash against your vehicle. What […]

Pawn your boat for cash and get access to money quickly

Are you looking for money for a new business venture, but are struggling to get a loan? Do you need to move to a new house, but lack the funds for the transportation of your furniture? Do you want to pay a deposit and rental for your new abode? We have the solution for you. […]

Everything you need to know about how to pawn a vehicle in South Africa

Are you still trying to borrow money from micro-lending companies or banks with no success? Did you know that you can pawn a vehicle without the credit checks and lengthy application processes required by banks? Did you know that you can complete the application process in 30 minutes and have the cash in your bank […]

Top benefits of vehicle collateral loans

After months of lockdown, many individuals have lost their jobs. Others have not been able to operate their businesses at full capacity. Many more had to take salary cuts. As a result of the economic difficulties, thousands of South Africans have missed credit payments and are now struggling to catch up on their payments. All […]