Loans Against Vehicle as Collateral

Loans against vehicles as collateral as an alternative way to borrow money Restaurant owners, event organisers, and tourism operators have been struggling for months because of the health crisis and restrictions on trade as a result. For many of them, conventional bank loans are not even an option. They simply do not qualify. However, a […]

How a security loan works and why it differs from normal credit

Deciding which option is best if you want to finance a new venture or want money to pay off credit cards can be a daunting task. However, if your credit record includes missed payments, late or partial payments, and/or judgments, it is hardly possible to get credit. A viable option is a security loan. But […]

How to access quick short-term loans during tough times

No doubt, the effects of the worldwide health crisis and the subsequent economic lockdown policies followed in many countries have taken their toll on individual and business finances. It has been reported that South Africans struggle more than ever to make ends meet. The superb credit records of thousands of consumers are no longer unblemished. […]

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