Cannot get a loan? Pawn your truck in three easy steps for quick cash

Do not sell your truck if you need cash to tie your business over a difficult time. Instead, pawn it and use the money to ensure a healthy cash-flow. If you have an extra truck or bakkie registered in your name or your business name and have the original registration papers as proof of ownership, […]

Quick pawn loans for financial emergencies make credit more accessible for South Africans

Quick pawn loans against vehicles provide a welcoming reprieve for cash-strapped individuals who need money immediately for emergency expenses. With these loans, individuals do not need proof of income, employment histories, or superb credit scores. The reason why someone borrows money does not matter either Everyone’s situation is unique. For one person, an emergency can […]

Blacklisted? How to get a loan against your car

Millions of South Africans cannot get approval from banks and even micro-lenders for loans when they need money fast. If you are in a similar situation, you will be glad to know that even if you are blacklisted, you can get a loan against your car. How do you qualify for one of the blacklisted […]

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