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How Security Loans Help Smaller Businesses Address Cash-Flow Problems

The Department of Small Business Development published a report in 2017 that showed government departments were slow to pay invoices at the time. According to the report, invoices of more than R4.3 billion remained unpaid in September 2017. This is, however, a trend that continues. Small- and medium-sized businesses, delivering products and services to government […]

Need a Business Loan? Finding it Tough to Get Approval?

Apply for an XCELSIOR Loan Today! Do not let your current financial situation define your future. Lucrative business ideas often come to those who are blacklisted, are struggling for cash, or do not have willing investors, but that does not mean that they should cast those ideas/dreams aside. Whether you are strapped for cash or […]

Get a Loan for a Start-up Business at XCELSIOR! Apply Online.

You can read a hundred and one articles online about starting your own business, and while you will pick up a myriad of tips on how to be successful in your chosen field, there is one stumbling block or challenge that you might not be able to get past: finance. Any new business needs a […]

Bring Your Dreams to Life with a Small Business Loan

Every business started somewhere. Most business ideas are a simple dream and we all know that it is money that breathes life into the dream. As an entrepreneur or start-up business owner, you are bound to be well aware of the fact that while money should not make the world go around, it does. Without […]

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