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Pawn My Car – Your Questions Answered

Whether you require money to put down a deposit for a property, need to pay off credit cards, or want to start a business, pawning your vehicle is a suitable solution. However, we want you to make an informed decision and thus answer some of your typical questions below. I have a poor credit history, […]

Should You Pawn Your Vehicle for Cash?

With it becoming increasingly difficult to get credit in South Africa, especially considering the ever-stricter lending criteria of the traditional financial institutions, many small business owners are and at a loss and left with few alternatives when it comes borrowing money. You may be one of them. Though the idea of having to pawn your […]

A Viable Alternative to Car Pawn for Cash Offerings

With petrol prices being extremely high, food prices competing to top the margins of petrol, and electricity hikes on the horizon once again, you may be tempted to browse for car pawn for cash ads in the classifieds. This is especially true if you have already maxed out your credit cards and do not exactly […]

Pawn My Car

Pawn My Car for Extra Cash Now! Here is a question that many people seem to be asking: “Can I pawn my car to get some extra cash?” If this is the type of question that you have been asking, you have come to the right place. Pawning your car is one of the least […]

Pawning Your Car for Cash

f you find yourself in a tight spot and really need to access money fast, then you can pawn your car for cash and have funds available immediately. No one ever anticipates an emergency otherwise it wouldn’t be an emergency. While everyone would like to have a few months’ salary in reserve to help weather […]