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Blacklisted and need a loan against your car?

In this article we explain exactly what happens if you take out a loan against a car with XCELSIOR. We explain the way our business model works, why you should keep your car and use it against a loan rather than sell it, as well as the legal aspects and important information that you need […]

Car Pawn for Cash

Car pawn for cash: convenient access to funds when you need it Have you seen an advert for a business opportunity, but already know that the bank will not lend you the money? Don’t want to miss out since the income potential from the opportunity is huge? Don’t have anything of sufficient value to sell […]

Pawning your vehicle has never been easier

Do you live in Mpumalanga, the Western Cape or Gauteng? Pawning your vehicle is as easy as applying online now. You only need your vehicle registration papers, your SA identity document or passport, and a valid South African driver’s license. Why you don’t have to be concerned about your credit record Millions of South Africans […]

Can I pawn my car for cash?

Imagine what your bank manager would say if your loan application was rejected and you asked “Can I pawn my car for cash to the bank as an alternative?” We recognise how difficult it can be for small business owners and self-employed individuals to access money fast if they don’t have proof of income and […]

Get the information you need for secure pawn loans in Witbank

Informed decision making is only possible if you have all the required information at hand regarding legitimate pawn loans in Witbank. As an NCR-registered credit provider, we are bound by law to maintain ethical conduct and ensure compliance with legal requirements. One of these requirements entails the safekeeping of the pawned asset. Why pawn and […]

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