Micro-lending Investment Opportunities | Franchise

Low Risk and High Returns

Are you looking for solid investment opportunities guaranteed to give you high returns? You may or may not have heard of micro-lending – the hottest new trend in global finance that is changing the way people borrow and lend. Micro-finance constitutes emerging investment opportunities for businesses and individuals alike. The traditional lending industry is known for its high returns; unfortunately, it is also equally notorious for its high risk.

XCELSIOR is a privately owned, consumer act compliant registered credit provider. Entirely funded by private equity, we offer a superior business investment opportunity with absolutely NO risk and NO monthly overheads. What we offer is a product that will always be in high demand; plus our infrastructure, market insight and focus on customer service create a solid foundation for expansion. We believe increased private funding will give XCELSIOR the capacity to serve more clients in more places more often and expanding our loan industry revolution to become South Africa’s top lending company of choice with you on board is where we are headed.

XCELSIOR has broken away from the traditional money-lending system and created a new business model that requires security that is physically retained until the loan is repaid. We provide short- term secured collateral loans to clients that need cash fast – this is particularly beneficial to clients who need instant bridging finance or who are not considered credible by mainstream financial institutions. Unlike banks, we provide financial assistance when no one else will. We are the quickest way to get funding and offer a no red tape service of a lengthy and monotonous paper administration process.

Zero Risk Involved

Investing in this industry is known for its high returns, but also for its high risks. With XCELSIOR’s unique business model, however, the risks are as good as zero. Collateral in the form of moveable assets such as cars, boats, trucks etc. secures each loan, which never exceeds over 50% of the assets value. All assets are kept with us in a safe and secure facility with 24 hour security for the duration of the loan agreement, until the loan and interest has been paid in full.

Should the client default on payment of the loan, the asset is quickly sold via our registered associate traders. It is thus very easy to recover the value of the loan and results in zero risks for the investor. If there are surplus funds from the sale, they are paid out to the client, which is another benefit to our service which sets our financial establishment apart from our competitors.

Investment Opportunities

With over 15 years in the financial services industry, our unique business model gives our investors all the benefits of this lucrative industry without the traditional risks. Our pioneering business model takes advantage of the mainstream lending industry’s shortcomings, making us a preferred credit provider. Capitalising on this trend is a fantastic investment opportunity for stakeholders. Becoming a business partner with 100% shareholding in your own business, you earn 15% – 21% interest per year (paid monthly). As an example for a capital investment of R700 000 – watch your investment grow to R1Â 347Â 790 in just five years. You won’t find these investment opportunities at any traditional low risk investment methods. As a business partner, a minimum investment of R100 000 is required.

In return, you get:

  • 100% security on your capital
  • A professional team of experts running your business
  • Exceptional Returns with secure capital growth
  • Monthly statements and business reviews
  • No bad debt to worry about
  • No monthly overheads
  • No risk involved
  • No staff to manage
  • Reliable passive income
  • Zero bad debt

Partnering with XCELSIOR is a superior business opportunity with a flexible, easy to manage financial growth solution. At XCELSIOR we offer you something unique – low risk and high returns – a guaranteed profit from the first month. With our unique business model, just sit back and watch your money work for you and grow.

There are many investment opportunities out there, make sure you take the time to choose the right one. For more information, contact our team of advisors today and allow us to take the time to explain our unique and superior business model to you.