Loans Paid Out on the Same Day – Blacklisted Applicants Welcome!

Applying for financial aid in this day and age can be tough. Most financial lending institutions will require a multitude of documents from you and there will be quite a bit of red tape involved. Those who truly need financial aid such as those who are blacklisted are generally turned away which can be both disappointing and frustrating. At XCELSIOR loans are made simple with our unique approach to the market.

The XCELSIOR team understands that life can present some unexpected expenses and emergencies and during these times it is necessary to have access to quick and easy finances. Unfortunately this is not always possible, but we are doing everything that we can to ensure that our clients can face whatever hardships they are going through without the additional burden of financial stress.

Forget about affordability checks, credit checks and all the complications of lending from a bank or similar. Now you can take out a loan of any amount from R5 000 to R500 000, as long as you have some form of collateral. Of course the value of your collateral will determine how much we will authorise you to loan, but the fact remains that this type of loan process is so simple that it can take just 45 minutes to have the funds paid over. Acceptable forms of collateral include motorbikes, trucks, bakkies, cars and various other forms of vehicles. Most other same day loans can only offer small amounts and require you to pass a check that can be quite strict in terms of affordability and credit rating.

With over 15 years of combined experience in the industry our management team is able to offer professional loan assistance, advice and guidance. We have noticed a variety of shortcomings when it comes to the loan industry and what it has to offer, and we are using these short comings to change the ways in which loans are conducted in the country.

How do you take out a loan with XCELSIOR?

The process is quite simple. We have a simple sign up form that you need to complete on our website. You will be required to provide us with your personal details as well as the details of the vehicle that you are planning to use as your form of collateral. One of our professional and friendly loan consultants will then be in touch with you to discuss the matter and ensure that your loan application is processed smoothly so that you can be paid out promptly.

Applying for loans with XCELSIOR is completely safe and legal. We are a registered credit provider and comply with both the National Credit Act and the Consumer Act. We offer our clients absolute discretion and will not provide your details to any third parties without your consent. At XCELSIOR we have your best interests at heart and will offer you a professional and dedicated service at all times.

When hunting the market for the easiest way to obtain loans that are quick to set in place and do not present a multitude of inconveniences and frustrations, we at XCELSIOR Loans are just the place to turn to. Contact us for professional advice and the opportunity to receive the funds that you need, fast.