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Loan Against My Car in Cape Town

What do I need for a loan against my car in Cape Town? Your questions answered Do you own a fully paid up vehicle and live in or near Cape Town? Do you need money for an emergency or to finance a new business venture, but do not qualify for a conventional bank loan? If […]

Loans Against Vehicle as Collateral

Loans against vehicles as collateral as an alternative way to borrow money Restaurant owners, event organisers, and tourism operators have been struggling for months because of the health crisis and restrictions on trade as a result. For many of them, conventional bank loans are not even an option. They simply do not qualify. However, a […]

Car for cash loans: a credit solution for restaurant owners across South Africa

If you are one of the restaurant owners, not being able to operate for the past few months, you will be glad to know that we offer car for cash loans in Gauteng, Witbank, and Cape Town. How do you benefit from the car for cash loan opportunities across South Africa? You can use the […]

How to get a loan against your vehicle in Mpumalanga

Getting a loan against your vehicle in Mpumalanga is as easy as applying online or calling our office in Witbank. The process consists of three easy steps: Step 1 Use the online form to contact us or SMS “Quick Cash” to 41235. A consultant will call you back to explain how the application works and […]

How to get a loan against your car in Boksburg

Are you self-employed and need a cash flow injection into your business? Are you struggling to get finance for your business venture or simply bridging capital to get through a difficult period? A quick and simple solution is available as you can now get a loan against your car in Boksburg. Though most institutions will […]

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