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Where and Why Pawn Your Car for Cash in Pretoria?

Emergencies are just that – unforeseen circumstances, and sometimes, you just do not have the finances to deal with the unfortunate events. To this end, consider how easy we make it to pawn your car for cash in Pretoria. Money in Your Bank Account We have an office in Pretoria. This means you can drive […]

Why Pawn Your Car for Cash in Witbank as Opposed to Selling It?

High living costs as the result of an increase in fuel prices, electricity tariffs, school fees, and food can take a toll on your finances. A poor credit record because of a past default on a loan can severely hinder your ability to qualify for a bank loan, overdraft facility, or even a short-term loan. […]

Can You Use Your Car as Collateral for a Cash Loan?

It is a sad fact of life that we cannot always afford the financial burdens that are laid upon us. Your daughter may have to go to university, and you need to pay out thousands of rands. Perhaps you lost your job and, as a result, your family needs money to survive? Or perhaps a […]

Quick Loan Against My Car

“Can I make a quick loan against my car?” This is a question that we often hear at XCELSIOR and the short answer is “yes”. You can take out a loan against your car if you meet a few qualifying criteria. While we do not require much, we ensure that the process is monitored for […]

What Does it Mean if I Take a Loan Against My Vehicle?

Many people have thought about taking out loans, but their negative credit history unfortunately counts against them. This is why many people have asked themselves “how do I take out loans against my vehicle” as this might be a good way to secure funding without having to visit a bank. This is where XCELSIOR comes […]