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How does a secured loan against your vehicle work?

A secured loan is a loan for which you put up security. It can take many forms, but for a pawn transaction, it entails putting up an asset for safe storage until you have paid back the amount borrowed. For a pawn transaction, the collateral is usually a movable asset. For short-term loans against vehicles […]

How the secured loan against car solution works

Do you own a fully paid-up car, bike, truck, trailer, or caravan? If so, you can qualify for a secured loan against a car or one of the other types of movable assets mentioned. It is a quick and straightforward way to get cash in your bank account without having to go the through the […]

How a security loan works and why it differs from normal credit

Deciding which option is best if you want to finance a new venture or want money to pay off credit cards can be a daunting task. However, if your credit record includes missed payments, late or partial payments, and/or judgments, it is hardly possible to get credit. A viable option is a security loan. But […]

Secure loans in Cape Town: a life saver for business owners

Secure loans in Cape Town provide for affordable and accessible alternatives to the more conventional overdrafts and business loans in Cape Town. No doubt, the health and subsequent economic crisis situations in South Africa have been felt throughout the hospitality and tourism industries. Everyone from hair stylists to restaurants, tour operators, and the accommodation providers […]

Top advantages of short-term secure loans in South Africa

Short-term secure loans hold several advantages for cash-strapped individuals. If you need cash quickly to pay for expenses, such as medical, an upfront deposit for rent, or to cover debts, consider the immediate benefits of short-term security loans as discussed below.  Cash the same day Instead of waiting two to four days for your credit […]