Pawn Loans in Western Cape

Top reasons to make use of our services Since the start of our firm a decade ago, we have helped thousands of customers to get cash into their bank accounts fast and hassle-free. With pawn loans in the Western Cape, Gauteng, and Mpumalanga made even easier because of our online enquiry system, the application process […]

How does a secured loan against your vehicle work?

A secured loan is a loan for which you put up security. It can take many forms, but for a pawn transaction, it entails putting up an asset for safe storage until you have paid back the amount borrowed. For a pawn transaction, the collateral is usually a movable asset. For short-term loans against vehicles […]

Incredibly quick short-term loans when you need money fast

Incredibly quick short-term loans when you need money fast Need cash quickly? Do not have time to go through lengthy application processes? If so, you will appreciate the short-term loans available against vehicles available from us. If you own a boat, car, truck, bakkie, caravan, or motorcycle and have the original registration papers as proof […]

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