“How to pawn my car in Cape Town?” and other questions answered

Collateral loans have become viable alternatives for unsecured bank loans that require lengthy application forms. To help you make an informed decision on how to get cash fast, we answer questions about secured loans, including the question of “how to my pawn my car in Cape Town?” How does a collateral loan work? It is […]

How collateral loans against vehicles work

Collateral loans refer to arrangements in which applicants borrow money against assets. The best-known example is the home mortgage. The bank keeps the title deed to the property until the debtor has paid the full amount borrowed plus interest. The agreement entails instalments to be made on a monthly basis over a set period. Pawning […]

Get a loan against your car or another type of movable asset

If you need money to tie you over the first three months of the new year, consider the option of a loan against your car, motorcycle, caravan, boat, or truck. Unlike with a fixed-term personal loan, you can pay it off faster and benefit from doing so. In addition, you do not have to go […]

Pawn your vehicle for a secure loan to get cash fast

Black Friday in November, festive season shopping in December, holiday accommodation, and then school books in January easily eat up savings quickly. Indeed, you may very well find that by the 31st of December, many of your accounts cannot be paid because of festive season spending. This is especially true if you are self-employed without […]

How and why to pawn your caravan for cash

Though you might use the caravan during the holiday season, for the rest of the year, it stands in the carport or perhaps even in storage. If you want to pawn for cash, why not do so by putting up the caravan as collateral? When to pawn a caravan for cash If you need cash […]

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