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What you need to know about secured loans

Getting a loan can be tricky, all the paperwork required, certified forms not to mention the time it takes to get paid. However, secured loans such as the ones provided by XCELSIOR are revolutionising the loan industry. When it comes to loans, there are two critical concepts, these are secured or collateral loans and unsecured […]

Top benefits of vehicle collateral loans

After months of lockdown, many individuals have lost their jobs. Others have not been able to operate their businesses at full capacity. Many more had to take salary cuts. As a result of the economic difficulties, thousands of South Africans have missed credit payments and are now struggling to catch up on their payments. All […]

Why use your vehicle as collateral for secured short-term loans?

Unsecured short-term loans and overdrafts entail lengthy credit applications. For one, your credit history must be checked. When you use your vehicle as collateral for credit, you do not have to go through the extensive background and financial status checks associated with unsecured loans. Your credit history is not taken into account as you are […]

Did you know you can use your car as collateral for a loan?

If your vehicle finance has been paid in full and you have the original registration papers as proof of ownership, you can use your car as collateral for a loan. Instead of applying for a micro-loan or an overdraft facility at the bank, you can pawn your car for cash. How does it work? The […]

How collateral loans against vehicles work

Collateral loans refer to arrangements in which applicants borrow money against assets. The best-known example is the home mortgage. The bank keeps the title deed to the property until the debtor has paid the full amount borrowed plus interest. The agreement entails instalments to be made on a monthly basis over a set period. Pawning […]

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