Secured loans could be the answer you are looking for

Question: Do you find yourself in a situation where you need cash fast? Maybe you need it just for a short period to tide things over. Perhaps you are facing some unexpected big expenses suddenly, or you simply need to get to the end of the month. Or perhaps there is an opportunity that came […]

“What benefits are there when I pawn my car?” And other questions

They say money makes the world go around, and in many instances, it is true. We have all had those moments in life where a little extra cash would make all the difference. Those times when a brilliant opportunity or offer comes along unexpected. Or when there’s suddenly an unforeseen expense (or two) and you […]

How do I go about taking a loan against my vehicle, and is it safe ?

Sometimes, when we least expect it, life presents us with a great opportunity. But often, because it is unexpected, we are not quite prepared for it. Or maybe the opposite is true – things will be fine, but right now, you are finding it a challenge to make ends meet until the next payday. It […]

Where and Why Pawn Your Car for Cash in Pretoria?

Emergencies are just that – unforeseen circumstances, and sometimes, you just do not have the finances to deal with the unfortunate events. To this end, consider how easy we make it to pawn your car for cash in Pretoria. Money in Your Bank Account We have an office in Pretoria. This means you can drive […]

Reasons to Pawn My Vehicle in Sandton

We understand that the history of pawn brokers in South Africa may deter you from considering the question of “why should I pawn my vehicle in Sandton?” However, several credible second-hand stores have opened their doors for business over the last two decades. As such, borrowing money against an asset has become an affordable means […]

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