What is a car pawn loan?

A car pawn loan is one of the easiest and fastest ways to get money, without any questions asked. Unlike with a personal loan that entails a lengthy application form, when you pawn your vehicle, the application can be completed almost immediately. What you need Your vehicle must be paid up, and you must have […]

Get A Loan Against Car in Johannesburg

Do you live in Johannesburg and need cash fast? Consider a loan against your car The traditional means of accessing a large amount entails applying for a personal loan, taking out a second mortgage on your home, or getting a personal overdraft. But what if you rent in Johannesburg and want to move to Cape […]

Why should I borrow money against my car?

We understand that information is key to sound decision making. As such, we answer some of your questions on pawning a vehicle below. Why not borrow money from the bank as opposed to borrowing against my car? When you apply for a personal or micro-loan, you need proof of address and income. You also need […]

How loans against cars differ from personal loans in South Africa

Several options are available to get cash in hand quickly. One is the personal loan, which you can get from your bank or a short-term lending institution. The other is from a provider of secured loans against cars. Knowing the differences will help you make an informed decision on how to address a cash-flow issue […]

What you need to know about loans against vehicle titles

Loans against vehicle titles are superb alternatives to traditional micro or personal loans. The process of lending is straightforward and does not require lengthy paper work. Instead of having to approach a bank that requires you to have a spotless credit record, proof that you have enough excess cash every month to pay back the […]

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