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How to get your same day cash loans for blacklisted?

Getting a loan in this day and age can be incredibly tough. Those who genuinely need financial aid, such as those seeking cash loans and are blacklisted, can be both left feeling disappointed and frustrated. Today we’ll explore how to get a loan if you’re self-employed, why short-term loans are growing in popularity and how […]

Getting an urgent loan for blacklisted people

According to recent statistics released, more than half of South African consumers have an adverse listing on their credit record. Consumers have a staggering amount of debt and will find it difficult to source credit from mainstream credit providers such as banks. However, this doesn’t mean that these consumers don’t need access to credit, yet […]

We Provide Blacklisted Loans

With more and more people having negative entries on their credit records, it has become increasingly difficult to obtain a loan from a bank or other financial institution. Blacklisted loans are not easy to obtain, which is why XCELSIOR is such a popular short-term credit provider. Our methods are unique and completely different from other […]

Blacklisted and Looking for Loans?

The current economic climate makes it difficult for people to remain financially sound, and lay-offs, joblessness and increasing costs can sometimes make it impossible to pay bills on time or not to default on certain repayments. As a result, a lot of people become blacklisted, which means that they are considered not credit worthy. Banks […]

Blacklisted? Loans Made Possible for You!

The economic climate at the moment is making life hard for most people. Unless you earn vast amounts of money it is virtually impossible to stay ahead of the low economic curve, and job losses, unemployment and escalating prices do make it rather difficult to pay accounts in a timely manner. Some people even find […]

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