Pawning your vehicle has never been easier

Do you live in Mpumalanga, the Western Cape or Gauteng? Pawning your vehicle is as easy as applying online now. You only need your vehicle registration papers, your SA identity document or passport, and a valid South African driver’s license.

Why you don’t have to be concerned about your credit record

Millions of South Africans struggle to get loans because they have poor credit records, are not employed in the formal sector, or don’t have enough security for the banks to approve their loan applications. We offer a solution, making it easier to access cash when needed.

With our nifty process, you can get cash in hand by pawning your car.

Pawn My Car

How it works

When pawning your vehicle it is placed in safe storage and won’t be driven during this period up until the loan and interest have been paid in full. Once paid, the asset is returned. Because it is a pawn transaction it doesn’t affect your credit record, even if you are not able to pay. You don’t state the reason for borrowing and we don’t ask. Your privacy is respected.

The vehicle’s value is assessed, and we offer you a loan amount of up to 45% of its trade value. If you agree, we pay the money into your bank account. This transfer is instant. If you want money for an emergency you can have it immediately upon approval.

Once the loan amount has been settled, we return the vehicle in the exact order as originally received. The agreement comes to an end. If you are unable to settle the loan we sell the asset to the monies owed. The agreement comes to an end with no effect on your credit record.

It is possible to extend the loan period if you cannot make the instalment, provided the interest and fees have been paid up to date.

Many types of vehicles

We accept motorcycles, trucks, boats, and caravans as well. If you have any of these vehicles and have their original registration papers, you can borrow money against them instead of pawning your car.

Safe storage

Your car, boat, motorcycle, caravan or truck is placed in secure and safe storage for the loan repayment period. It is protected against vandalism, wear and tear and weather elements. We recognise that it is the security for the loan and, therefore, take extra good care of it during the entire period. It is not driven during the period. The storage facility has cameras, gate access control and electric perimeter fencing.

Why us?

Our process is quick and easy. You can apply online and have the cash in your bank account immediately after approval. With no lengthy background checks and tedious application processes, it is a sheer pleasure to work with us. We have offices in Witbank, Pretoria, Boksburg, Rivonia and Cape Town. Our history speaks of excellence.

Pawning your vehicle is straightforward

Get money in your bank account. Use the online enquiry form to start the process.