We Provide Blacklisted Loans

With more and more people having negative entries on their credit records, it has become increasingly difficult to obtain a loan from a bank or other financial institution. Blacklisted loans are not easy to obtain, which is why XCELSIOR is such a popular short-term credit provider.

Our methods are unique and completely different from other short-term credit providers, which is why our entire loan application process takes under an hour to complete. Customers can benefit from a speedy process when they apply at XCELSIOR since we don’t need unnecessary paperwork and lengthy applications. Once you have submitted your details to us, we get to work and you will have an answer in less than an hour.

Unlike banks, XCELSIOR won’t do any affordability assessments and this gives blacklisted customers a better chance of obtaining a loan through us. We will also process your loan on the same day to make sure that they are no delays and that your application is finalised as soon as possible. Since there is only the minimal paperwork required and you can fill the application in online, it makes it easy for anyone to apply.

How can I qualify for a blacklisted loan?

What we propose is a short-term loan where you will be giving up your vehicle as security. What this means is that we allow you to benefit from having the cash you need immediately, while we keep your vehicle safe and secure. Our team has developed this method to be as easy and effortless as possible. You can apply online without handing in any paperwork. Once the loan has been approved we will need a copy of your ID, your vehicle’s original registration papers and proof of residence. Other than that, no paperwork is required and the application can be filled in online.

The blacklisted loan amount that you will qualify for will depend on the make and model of the vehicle you have provided as security. We will loan you an amount of between R5Â 000 and R500Â 000, which can be up to 50% of the value of your vehicle. These funds will be made available to you via an immediate transfer into your bank account and you will have access to the money the same day. In other words, you can benefit from a blacklisted loan in the same day – something that you won’t likely find at any other financial institution.

Your vehicle will be stored securely in a safe environment that we will be monitoring 24/7/365. We also have insurance on all the vehicles we have in storage, which covers theft and fire. This means that you can be rest assured that your vehicle will be safe and it won’t be driven at all. You will receive your car in the exact same condition that you have given it to us, as soon as your loan has been settled. This means that you have the ability to get the funds you need by providing your vehicle as guarantee. We take great care in securing all our customers’ vehicles and will return it to you in the exact same condition we received it in.

What if I can’t repay my loan?

If you are unable to repay the loan, XCELSIOR will sell your vehicle in an attempt to regain the lost funds; if there is an excess amount left, this will be paid back to you. We pride ourselves in the fact that we are the only short-term credit provider that provides this benefit. We aim to provide the best possible service to our customers and we want to simply the entire process as much as possible.

What makes us different?

Whether you are applying for a bond for your home, or need the additional cash to finance other important purchases, XCELSIOR can help. Credit is sometimes needed but with the strict processes banks have, not many people can qualify for a loan, especially not if they have been blacklisted. This is where we are different. We welcome applicants with a bad credit record as we have our own assessment process.

XCELSIOR has a unique business model that allows us to provide blacklisted loans for customers who have a suitable vehicle to provide as security. We provide an easy application process that does not require any paperwork and you can have an answer to your application in less than an hour.