Use Your Car for Cash Loan Collateral – Apply Online Today

If you have a car and are looking for cash in a hurry, then why not apply for a quick car for cash loan with us at XCELSIOR? Unlike other financial lending institutions and banks, we do not require you to pass any strict affordability tests and we keep our paperwork and red tape to an absolute minimum. Why do we do this? We understand the nature of financial stress and want to make the lives of our clients a little bit easier by providing quick access to funds when it is needed – no questions asked. Our unique approach to the world of loans also means that blacklisted individuals can receive cash when they need it most.

How exactly do our loans work?

Well, the process is fairly simple. We want to provide you with a loan that you can afford to pay back, but we do need some form of collateral. You can use your car, bakkie, truck, boat, Jet Ski or similar as collateral. When applying for your loan the only determining factor on the amount that you can loan from us is the value of your collateral. The amounts that we can loan to individuals start at R5 000 and we do not loan more than R500 000.

When you apply for a loan with us, we will require you to complete the application form that is found on our website. In addition to providing us with your personal details, you will need to provide us with the details of your intended collateral. Once we have received your information, one of our loan consultants will be in touch with you to work out the finer details. We can send a loan consultant to pay a visit to you if you would prefer that. Your assets that you are using as collateral are quickly assessed and we will be able to offer you a loan of any amount that is up to 50% of the value of the vehicle.

If you accept our offer and terms, we immediately pay the funds across which are then made available to you in as little as just 45 minutes. Your collateral vehicle is then collected and stored in a secure location that offers 24 hour security. Clients have the option of settling the outstanding amount at any time, or paying the agreed monthly repayments – the choice is yours.

Why do we take collateral?

In the unlikely event that you cannot pay your loan back to us, we will ensure that the vehicle is sold to avoid bad debt. The funds acquired are used to settle your debt with us. A great service feature that we offer our clients is that any surplus funds acquired from the sale will not be kept by us, but actually paid out to the client promptly. This is a service feature that other micro lenders do not offer – we have our client’s best financial interests at heart.

If you need to make a loan in a hurry, consider your car for cash, as collateral. At XCELSIOR we will help you through the process and ensure that you are satisfied every step of the way.