How and why to pawn your caravan for cash

Though you might use the caravan during the holiday season, for the rest of the year, it stands in the carport or perhaps even in storage. If you want to pawn for cash, why not do so by putting up the caravan as collateral?

pawn caravan for cash

When to pawn a caravan for cash

If you need cash fast to pay for medical bills, tie you over until a client pays on a large contract, or to pay off credit card debt and personal loans, then using the caravan as collateral is the answer. Unlike your car, which you may use daily, the caravan is used for the occasional holiday or weekend trip. For the greater part of the year, it takes up space and gathers dust. If it is still in a good condition and you need money to start a business or expand on current operations, you can make it work for you in another way.

Instead of the vehicle being parked under a shade net, taking up space in your garden, you can have it safely stored off-site and get money upfront for doing so. For the period of payback, the caravan is safely stored in a highly secure storage unit. It is also insured and protected against weather elements.

In the meantime, you have money to pay bills, go on a cruise ship trip, complete home renovations, pay for studies, or buy a boat. You can even use the money as a deposit on a small holiday home.

The bottom line is that if you do not want to go through a lengthy credit application process, get funds by putting up an asset as security for a loan. This is possible even if you have a poor credit record. It is the perfect loan option should your credit history be less than desirable.

Your asset is safely stored in a secure facility with camera surveillance, 24-hour access control, and electric perimeter fencing. You do not lose the asset as would be the case if you had sold it. Instead, you get funds quickly and hassle-free. The caravan is safely stored and you pay back the loan at an affordable interest rate.

Once you have paid the full amount, you can collect the caravan in the same condition as originally received. By that time, you will have settled and may then decide to sell it or may have space for it at your new home.

How the pawn process works

The process is as straightforward as it gets. Complete the online application form, and one of our consultants will call you to help with the process. No credit checks and no lengthy paperwork make this the fastest way to get funds in your bank account. You can have the money in your bank account within 30 minutes from approval.

Have your ID or passport at hand, together with the original registration papers of the vehicle and your driver’s license where relevant. Give us a call or complete the online form to pawn your caravan for cash.

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