What Exactly is a Pawn Loan?

The economy is only just recovering from the tough climate of the previous decade and many people are still recovering from the difficult economic climates. Budgets are tight and cash flow isn’t flowing for a lot of people, and this is where pawn loans can really come in handy. Aside from falling on hard times, many people have been unable to keep up with their financial responsibilities and may have suffered a blow to their credit score because of it. This makes it even harder to find monetary relief from mainstream financial institutions who are keeping their purses shut tight.

pawn loan

At XCELSIOR Loans, we offer temporary loans for blacklisted consumers. Our leading financial products will help you to access short term cash loans and have you flush in less than thirty minutes. We realise that with the current financial restraints that it has become difficult for many to obtain cash from the traditional methods and we are here to help.

We are proud of our many innovative financial products and services, and at present one of our most popular products are our short term loans against motor vehicle assets. These include cars, bikes, trucks and even motorised sports vehicles such as jet skis. You can use any of these assets as security to substantiate your loan with us. You will retain ownership as it will only be used as collateral. We will safely store your vehicle in a secure facility and will be returned to you once you settle the loan.

Unique Loan Model

At XCELSIOR Loans we have devised a unique and innovative loan model that is especially beneficial to our clients who find them in need of an instant bridging loan, or for those who aren’t considered credible consumers by mainstream financial institutions. Using your vehicle as collateral allows you to gain access to instant finances without disposing of your valuable assets.

Should you not be able to repay the loan, we will assist in selling the asset through our network of associated vehicle traders. This will assist you in not incurring any bad debt. We will recoup the outstanding amount due to XCELSIOR and should there be surplus funds left over from the sale we will pay it out to you. This is just another service that differentiates us from other pawn loans services out there.

Since we have adopted this innovative approach, unlike banks and other mainstream financial institutions we don’t conduct any affordability assessments. This makes it possible for us to extend our services to even those who are blacklisted at credit bureaus.

Apply Online for a Pawn Loan

We have invested heavily in creating a user-friendly website that will allow our customers access to all our services and products. If you are unable to make it to our facilities, you can now apply online for a pawn loan. At XCELSIOR Loans we value the privacy of our clients and discretion is very important to us. Through our hard work and determination to provide you with a positive experience, we are confident that your association with XCELSIOR Loans will be helpful and successful.

Our trained consultants will guide you through the entire application process and help you to access the funds in as little as 30 minutes.

Some of the features that make XCELSIOR so popular among our clients include:

  • No affordability assessments
  • Blacklisted clients more than welcome
  • No hidden costs

We make available loans ranging from R5000 to R500, 000. This is sure to help you handle most any situation where you need to access a large amount of money, fast. Our loan process is fast, easy and entirely paperless. You can phone us to arrange an appointment, or simply complete the application form online and we will contact you shortly.

Our representative is able to visit you on site if it will be more convenient for you than having to come into our offices. We have worked hard to make this entire process completely paperless, so there won’t be any paperwork for you to fuss over. The entire application will take less than thirty minutes. We will loan you upwards of 50% of the asset’s value that you put forth as collateral.

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