Retire Comfortably with Your Own Loan Franchise

Looking for a loan franchise opportunity? Don’t miss out on a superior business opportunity and become an XCELSIOR business partner today! With modern lifestyles becoming ever more financially orientated, consumers are constantly looking for ways to keep their funds ticking over. With debt levels on the increase, more consumers are looking out for opportunities to provide themselves with credit. Nowadays, mainstream financial providers are making it incredibly difficult for clients to borrow money – as a result of having their fingers badly burnt with bad debts.

Loan Franchise

The more mainstream banking constraints make it difficult for people and businesses throughout South Africa to loan money, the faster the micro-lending industry is growing. Capitalising on this trend makes good sense, and with XCELSIOR Business Opportunities the risks normally associated with such investments are very low to none. As a registered credit provider and with over 15 years in the financial services industry, our unique business model gives all our stakeholders all the benefits of this lucrative industry without the traditional risks.

Our Unique Business Model

XCELSIOR is a revolutionary short term money lending concept that has broken away from the traditional money-lending system and created a new zero-risk business model that requires security that is physically retained until the loan is repaid. Distinguished by the fact that we accept collateral in the form of moveable assets, effectively eliminating the possibility of incurring any kind of bad debt, while providing a high return to the business owner, assures you the comfort of a lucrative business investment opportunity.

The collateral, in the form of moveable assets, secures each XCELSIOR loan, which never exceeds 50% of the asset(s) unencumbered value. This translates into absolutely minimal to zero risk and very quick liquidity.
Investing in the loan franchise industry is known for its high returns, but also for its high risks. With XCELSIOR Loans Business Opportunities unique business model, the risks are as good as none. You can expect rapid wealth creation with exceptional returns with this superior business opportunity. Start profiting from the first month and expect a reliable passive income with no monthly overheads and a guarantee on secure capital growth.

Your capital will only be lent out at 50% of the value of the collateral (moveable asset offered as security). If the client cannot repay the loan, the vehicle is quickly sold via our registered traders. It is thus very easy to recover the value of the loan and results in minimal risks for the company – zero bad debt!

The Process of Becoming a Business Partner

As a business partner, a minimum investment of R100 000 is required. Thereafter, opening your own loan franchise is a quick, easy and hassle-free process. Your business loan franchise can be set up in as little as two weeks and we at XCELSIOR handle all the administration thereof – we take care of everything and register the business with the NCR and MFSA, in compliance with all statutory requirements. We will also open a new business banking account for the new loan franchise owner. Once the required start-up funds are transferred into this business account – the team at XCELSIOR starts sourcing loans and completes all transactions on behalf of the owner. No formal experience, knowledge or qualification in the financial services industry is required at all.

As this is a passive business opportunity, the owner will not need to invest in hands-on involvement – it’s a business that requires no expenses and no staff to manage. Your capital is secure and will never be lent out without a moveable asset securing at least double the loan amount. Each transaction also falls within the new National Credit Act regulations. That’s how we can guarantee low risk and high returns.

Becoming an XCELSIOR business partner means you get:

  • 100% security on your capital
  • 100% shareholding in your own business
  • 12% – 16% interest per annum, guaranteed (paid monthly)
  • A Business with a professional team of experts running your business for you
  • Exceptional returns & reliable passive income
  • Monthly statements & business reviews
  • Passive income

Consequently, setting up a loan franchise may prove to be an advantageous move. The financial services industry is flourishing in many parts of the world, with potentially lucrative returns on offer. Experts currently estimate approximately 7,500 different loan franchise business companies are operating in the US alone. It is not hard to see why choosing the right loan franchise is an opportunity of a lifetime and may just be the perfect investment to retire comfortably. For more information on our loan franchise business opportunities please contact us as soon as possible. Don’t miss out on this life changing investment opportunity.

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