Quick and Easy Online Loans – Use Your Vehicle as Collateral

Applying for a loan is stressful enough without having to consider the waiting period involved when it comes to approvals. If you need cash in a hurry, then why not consider quick loans from XCELSIOR? With our assistance, you can have the cash made available in your bank account in less than an hour! Such convenience is made possible by our unique loan model which is designed to meet the needs of every applicant. What sets us apart from the rest? Everything! Our loans are not based on your financial history or whether you are permanently employed or not. We offer secured loans, and this means that the only real requirement we have is that you provide us with collateral in the form of a vehicle.

XCELSIOR is a company with over 15 years of combined experience in its team members. This means that you are in the very best position to receive financial lending advice and guidance. We do not believe in tying our customers into unreasonable contracts. We let you choose your terms – you can repay your loan in one lump sum or you can pay it off in affordable monthly instalments – the choice is yours. We are a preferred short term credit provider in South Africa for good reason – we make the process quick, convenient and rewarding for all involved.

If you are wondering what the steps are to taking out a loan with XCELSIOR, then the following pointers should help:

  • Visit our website to complete the online application form. We will require your personal details, details of the vehicle you would like to use as collateral and the amount you would like to loan.
  • Once you have submitted your application, we will make arrangements for a consultant to visit your premises to assess the value of your collateral vehicle and to complete the application process.
  • We can loan you up to 50% of the vehicle’s assessed value. This amount can be paid over to you immediately. The loan process can take as little as just 45 minutes to complete.

Loans are quick and easy at XCELSIOR. There is simply no reason to drag the process out. To benefit from quick loans and an exceptional service, get in touch with us at XCELSIOR. We will ensure that you get your required cash, anything from R5 000 to R500 000, fast – no hassle or fuss involved.