Franchise Opportunities from XCELSIOR

If you are an entrepreneur you will always be looking for valuable opportunities; this is why you should consider XCELSIOR’s franchise opportunities. On this industry are known to have risks, it can also provide exceptionally high returns if managed correctly.

Most financial institutions have strict rules with regards to finance and loans, making micro-financing an increasingly popular trend. People often find it difficult to borrow money for short periods of time, which is why our business model is so successful. With XCELSIOR’s franchise opportunities, the risks that are normally associated with these loans are fairly low in comparison. This is why it is such a wonderful opportunity for entrepreneurs and business investors.

Franchise Opportunities

The Business Model

XCELSIOR provides short-term loan to individuals who own the vehicle. Since it has become increasingly difficult to secure a loan, we offer clients the option of a loan against their motor vehicle assets. This can include cars, bikes, trucks and motorised sports vehicles like jet skis. These motor vehicles or used as security at the ownership remains with the client. We also make sure that these assets are kept in a secure storage facility for the duration of the loan term and we return the vehicle to the client in the same condition we received it in, as soon as the loan has been repaid in full.

In the event the client is unable to settle the loan, we will sell the vehicle through the vehicle trader. Should there be any funds left over after the sale it will be paid over directly to the client. This is another benefit that sets us apart from the competition. We also don’t require any affordability assessments like financial institutions do, meaning that blacklisted clients can also qualify for loan.

The Opportunity

The franchise opportunity from XCELSIOR allows partners to have that 100% shareholding in their own business, which will allow them to them between 15% and 21% interest that is paid on a monthly basis. If you are ready to take up the opportunity, make an appointment to come and see us. We will help you to register the business with the MFSA and NCR, so that you can be sure that you meet all the legal requirements. The capital amount will be paid directly into the business’s bank account and we will also help you to find leads.

Your investment will be safe, as older loans resource will only be prompted when security is given, which is usually double the value of their loan amount. Since you are the owner you will also be the owner of the security, meaning that your money will always be fully secured and allowing for complete safety.

In the event that you no longer want to be a business partner with XCELSIOR, simply let us know and we stopped securing loans for you. As the current loans get paid up, the money will be paid over to your business until you have recouped all your profits and capital. Since the loans we give are all short-term loans, this will usually be a quick process to finalise.

A Viable Opportunity

The simple fact of the matter is that the lending industry provides high returns. Add to that, we only provide a loan if we have double the security service that additional security for our business partners. As a business partner you won’t have to spend endless hours working on your business every day, as we will take care of it all. XCELSIOR’s team will work to source loans for you and you will be given monthly statements.

This franchise opportunity is definitely one that no investor or business-minded individual should pass by. Not only are your funds secure, but this business does not require a lot of effort on your part. You have the opportunity to make money every month and you can choose to discontinue with the business whenever you want to. You can also choose to reinvest your profits at any time as you are the owner of your business.

XCELSIOR provides wonderful franchise opportunities to individuals who want to become business owners. We support you throughout this process and you can benefit from high returns and security for your investment.

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