Do You Need Short Term Secured Loans?

Falling behind on bills is almost a given for a lot of people nowadays. Lay-offs, unemployment and lower salaries are causing many people to default on payments and often, when cash is urgently required, it is impossible to get a loan. In some cases an investment may be tying up your money, your cash flow may be impacted by various other factors, and money is urgently required.

Many people get blacklisted when they default on financial commitments and when this happens it is virtually impossible to borrow money. Financial services companies are usually not willing to lend money to those with less than perfect credit records. Even if the client does qualify for a loan, the application process, the approval and finally the payment into the account takes very long – sometimes weeks! Blacklisted clients stand no chance as there is almost zero chance that they will be approved for a loan. In these situations a reliable provider of short term secured loans is required.

XCELSIOR can help! We are a registered credit provider and we are taking the loan services business by storm with our innovative approach towards lending money to clients who need it most. We have a unique way of providing loans which are secured and short term. Our revolutionary process is different to just about any loan service in the country. Our applications are easy, the process simple, and the offer of money fast and efficient.

Our loans are based on the principle of security. We accept assets in the form of motorised vehicles as collateral. Suddenly your car or bakkie can be turned into fast cash without having to sell it!

How to Get Your Secured Loan Easily and Quickly!

Our process of application is so easy and quick that it can be done in a few simple steps:

  1. You apply: You can make use of our online application form and our representative will contact you shortly afterwards to discuss your financial needs. You may even request for the representative to meet you at a place that is convenient for you – this means that you can discreetly apply for a loan in the comfort of your own home! You may also make your application in person by visiting one of our offices in your area.
  2. We value your assets: When we have completed the application with you, we have a look at your assets that you want to use as collateral. Any motorised vehicle is acceptable – you can use your car, bakkie, boat, jet-ski or even your motorbike as security for the loan. We do require that the asset is in good, useable condition, and we keep the asset in our custody until the loan is repaid. We will value your asset and work out your loan amount accordingly – we can lend you up to 50% of the total value of the assets used as security. If more money is required, you may use more than one asset.
  3. The repayment plan: Once a loan amount has been agreed upon, a repayment plan is worked out for you. All charges and interest is explained to you to ensure that you understand all charges and that you know the terms of the agreement. You will then be required to repay the loan according to the repayment terms, until the loan has been repaid in full.
  4. We give you money! Once the application and valuation has been done and payment terms agreed upon, we pay the money straight into your account! Our representative will pay the money in person in front of you via an EFT, which means that the money may be available for you to use within the hour. No other loan service is this fast!

And what happens then?

You are required to repay the loan according to the agreed payment terms and within the set repayment period. Once the loan has been repaid, we will return your asset to you. It is as simple as that!

What happens if you default on your loan?

Your asset will serve as security of the loan. In case of default, we will first try to negotiate better rates and repayment terms with you, but if all fails we sell your asset and claim our loan value from the sale. Any money over and above the loan amount made from the sale will be returned to you. No other financial institution does this!

So, if you are in need of urgent cash and you do not qualify for a loan from the usual financial services providers, call us! We will be happy to help!