What is Bridging Finance?

Millions of South Africans fell on hard times when the economy all but tanked in the last part of the previous decade. Many are still trying to get back to the same economic position they were before the worldwide recession hit and affected most countries around the world. To achieve this many South African consumers turn to bridging finance.

This type of finance is a form of a short term loan that will help you to bridge the gap between a short time when you would be able to access funds that are on its way. This could be an inheritance, money from a property sale or a bonus or salary check. The point is that bridging finance is meant to offer a monetary respite when you are expecting money that will be able to repay this short term loan.

Affordable Bridging Finance from XCELSIOR Loans

If you are looking for a reputable provider of blacklisted loans and bridging finance, then you have come to the right place. At XCELSIOR Loans we are proud of our industry leading products and services and work hard to provide our valued clients with a world class service. Our products and services are unmatched in the industry and we are proud of our huge success rate at providing our clients with the funds they need to handle any of life’s unforeseen happenstances.

For many years we have been providing South African consumers with essential bridging finance that they would have otherwise been unable to secure. The reason we are able to do this is because of the fact that we extend our services to blacklisted consumers and other consumers who find it difficult securing credit from mainstream financial concerns.

Because of our unique loan model, we do not conduct any credit checks or affordability assessments, which mean that blacklisted customers are welcome.

Use Your Vehicle as Collateral to Secure Bridging Finance from XCELSIOR Loans

We make it possible for you to secure bridging finance and blacklisted loans from XCELSIOR Loans by putting your vehicle up as collateral. When you take a loan out against your motor vehicle asset, the ownership remains with our clients.

We accept the following vehicle types as collateral:

  • Trucks
  • Bikes
  • Cars
  • Sports vehicles like jet skis, among others.

While your vehicle is in our care we will store it in a secure facility and keep it safe until you take possession of it again. This makes it possible for our valued clients to access instant bridging finance without having to get rid of their valued assets. If you are unable to settle the loan amount, we will make use of our associated vehicle traders to recoup the outstanding money due to XCELSIOR Loans while avoiding having to saddle you with bad debt.

Should there be any surplus funds available after settling the loan we will pay it over to you. This is just another way that we work to distinguish ourselves from the myriad of other micro-lenders on the market.

Paperless Bridging Finance Application from XCELSIOR Loans

We have worked hard to develop a paperless application procedure that won’t take thirty minutes. After this you will instantly receive the funds. If you are unable to come to our premises, we will come to you. Our skilled technicians will help you to take care of the entire application procedure and make light work of all the technicalities.

Alternatively, you can visit our user-friendly website where you are able to quickly apply online without any hassle at all. Our application procedure is specifically designed to be quick, easy and paperless. You can also phone us to arrange an appointment where an XCELSIOR Loans representative will help you to take care of the formalities.

We will do a quick assessment of the assets that you put up as collateral in order to determine the loan amount that you will qualify for. Within minutes we will be able to calculate the loan amount from the value of your vehicle and based on this assessment, we will be happy to loan you an amount of up to 50% of the asset’s value.

If you would like to learn more about our innovative bridging finance and blacklisted loans products, contact XCELSIOR Loans today.