Understanding XCELSIOR’S Loan Process

There might come a time where you are in desperate need of additional financial assistance but you don’t qualify for a loan from your bank. When this happens you need to consider alternative solutions, such as applying for a loan from a short-term loan provider, but you might be blacklisted. It is, however, still possible to qualify for a loan and one way to accomplish this is to use your car as security for a loan.

XCELSIOR is a leading short-term credit provider that has a unique business approach. This makes us a preferred solutions provider to work with and our loan process is rather easy to understand. We try to make the entire process as easy and stress-free as possible, while offering complete discretion for each client. The process is simple and we don’t have any nasty surprises or hidden costs to worry about.Â

The application process starts by clients contacting us for assistance. We provide them with an application form that can be filled out online, which will already save you time and money. The application form takes around 30 minutes to complete and clients will have an answer shortly after their submitted their details. The money will be transferred directly into your account.

Since we do our own background checks we can also assist customers who have been blacklisted or refused a loan by banking institutions. We only need a copy of your ID and the original registration papers for your vehicle. You should also supply us with a proof of address that is not older than three months. Loan amounts will vary between R5Â 000 and R500Â 000, but please note that this depends on the value of your vehicle, so the higher the value of the car, the more money we will be able to loan you.

The Assessment Process

We start the assessment process and determine the amount of money you qualify for based on the vehicle you gave up as security. One of our representatives can visit you or you can come to our offices. The size of your loan will depend on your vehicle you have available as security, so it can be anything from a truck, motorcycle or car. We do have a secure storage facility where your vehicle will be kept safely and securely until it is released to you again.

We will provide you with a loan of up to 50% of the vehicle’s value and you can choose to repay the full loan amount at once, or make use of monthly repayment options. Once your loan is paid in full we will return your vehicle to you in the same condition that we received it in. We have security measures in place that will allow your vehicle to be safely stored and looked after for the period that it is in our possession.

In the event that you are unable to repay your loan, your vehicle will be sold through one of our dealership partners in an attempt to regain the lost funds. If there is a surplus of funds left after the sale, it will be paid back to you. This is another way in which we are different from other short term loan companies in South Africa. We want to make the entire process as easy as possible so that you can benefit from our model.

If you have a valuable car to offer as security, we might be able to provide you with a loan in less than an hour. This means that you won’t have to go through lengthy application processes and fill out endless amounts of paperwork.

Who we are?

XCELSIOR is a registered credit provider and provides short term loans to the citizens of South Africa. We have a unique approach that makes us a preferred short-term credit provider, but if you are still not sure why you should choose us, then please feel free to read through our website to find out how you can use your car as security for a loan and get the financial assistance you need this very moment!