Quick Loans from XCELSIOR

When it comes to finding quick loans in South Africa, XCELSIOR is the perfect solution. We provide cash loans to consumers who own a vehicle, regardless of whether or not they are blacklisted on any credit bureau. This means that we can provide all vehicle owners with financial assistance, without any lengthy application process or affordability assessments like the ones usually required from banks.

We have a unique business model and this is very beneficial to individuals that are not creditworthy with financial institutions or banks in South Africa. Our application process is quick and easy and it is completely paperless. This allows you to have cash transferred to your bank account in less than an hour, if you are approved. The application process is as simple as filling out our online form, so that one of our consultants can get back to you shortly afterwards to discuss the details.

Our loan model consists of a few simple steps. The application process is started by the making contact with us and applying for a quick loan. We will then assess your loan request and determine the amount that we will be able to provide you with; this will depend on the value of your vehicle. When your loan is approved, an immediate EFT payment is made into your bank account. Your vehicle will then be collected and you will be able to repay your loan amount, with monthly instalments.

We do not conduct any affordability assessments and blacklisted clients are also welcome. We accept all kinds of vehicles that include cars, bikes, trucks and motorised sports vehicles like jet skis. This means that vehicle owners can get access to quick loans, without having to go through a bank’s lengthy application process. Our entire loan process is simplified and very easy to understand.

We take your property, in this case your vehicle, as security while you repay your loan. When your loan has been repaid in full, your vehicle is returned to you in the exact same condition that we have received it in. This means that you can have access to quick loans if you provide us with your vehicle as security. We do not ask any personal questions and you do not have to tell us why you need the money and what it will be used for.

The loan amount that you will qualify for will depend on your vehicle’s value. We can provide you with the loan between R5,000 and R500,000 and this can be transferred to you almost immediately upon approval. This is huge benefit for blacklisted individuals, as banks and other financial institutions will require you to undergo an affordability assessment as well as a credit check. With our loan model, you can have access to quick loans and an application process that is paperless.

Safety and Security

Once we have collected your vehicle it will be stored in a safe location that has 24-hour video surveillance as well as electrified perimeter fencing. We provide strict access control and we do have insurance that will cover your vehicle for fire, accident, theft and hail damage. You are also encouraged to keep your current insurance policy up to date while your vehicle is in storage with us.

While your vehicle is stored at our premises, it will never be driven except for when it is collected and delivered to you. Your vehicle will stay at our secure storage facility, until it is returned to you when your loan is repaid. In the event that you are unable to repay your loan we will extend the contract, as long as the total interest is paid up in full. If you are not able to make any further payments, you can trade the vehicle in and we will sell the vehicle to recuperate the funds. If there is a remaining balance as a result of the sale of your vehicle, this will be returned to you, the client.

XCELSIOR is a registered credit provider in South Africa and we specialise in quick loans to customers who can offer a vehicle as security. Our application processes is paperless and you can have cash paid into your bank account in less than an hour after approval.