Low Interest Loans with No Credit Checks

Finding loans that meet with your requirements in this day and age can be tough. Sometimes you might find that you cannot be approved for a loan without exorbitant interest rates attached and this is simply not ideal. If you are looking for low interest loans, then you have come to just the right place. At XCELSIOR, we believe in making loan applications simple and convenient for our clients. That is why we have gone to the trouble to present a loan model to the market that is simply unlike any other.

What does this mean? In addition to low interest rates, we also do not carry out credit checks on our loan applicants. This means that absolutely anyone can apply for a loan with us, even if they are blacklisted and do not have an immaculate credit record.

While we do not carry out credit checks, we do require our loan applicants to have collateral in the form of a vehicle to offer. We accept various vehicles, such as bakkies, SUVs, cars, trucks, Jet Skis, motorbikes and so on. If you are not sure if your vehicle is an acceptable form of collateral, we welcome you to chat to us, in order to find out.

The application process with us is simple. There is an online application form that you can fill out with your personal details and the details of the vehicle that you would like to use as collateral. If you would prefer to give us a call to make an appointment with a loan consultant, that would be fine too. Once we have reviewed your application, an assessor will visit you to have a look at the vehicle. Once we have assessed the vehicle, we will have a better idea of how much we can loan you, as we can only provide you with up to 50% of the value of the vehicle. If you agree to the amounts assessed and the terms, we will ensure that your vehicle is safely stored at our facility for the duration of your loan period. There is no need to worry about the safety of your vehicle, as we provide 24-hour security for it.

Unpaid loans can be settled with the sale of your stored vehicle, if you find that you cannot manage the repayment. This can also be quite beneficial to you, as we will only claim the amount outstanding to us. Any additional profit made on your vehicle’s sale is paid over to you. This is quite convenient in tough times and just another way that we can show you that we have your best interests at heart.

When shopping around for low interest loans, you are bound to be impressed by what we have to offer. If you apply for a loan today with XCELSIOR, you can be paid out within 30-45 minutes. The process is quick, easy and convenient for both parties. We welcome you to contact us via email, telephone or our website, in order to find out more about our loans today.