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In South Africa, gaining access to low interest loans with easy payment terms attached can be quite a challenge. Those who are blacklisted or have judgements against their name will not be able to obtain financial aid, unless they know where to go! At XCELSIOR we understand that life can present a wealth of unexpected expenses and emergencies and for this reason you need to ensure that you are prepared and have a plan, should this happen to you.

At XCELSIOR we offer our clients a great deal more in terms of conveniences than just low interest rates. We offer our clients the opportunity to use their vehicle as collateral when taking out a loan. This is exceptionally convenient for those who are under debt review, blacklisted or do not have a permanent job to back up their application with. When applying for a loan with us, keep in mind that you can use your car, SUV, bakkie, truck, Jet Ski, motorbike or similar as a form of security for the repayment of the loan. Of course once you have made the application and wish to go ahead, we will need to take possession of the vehicle.

In terms of the amount that we can loan you, we like to keep things simple. We will ensure that one of our professional team members is sent out to evaluate the vehicle and only then can we offer you a maximum of 50% of the total value of the assessed amount. As a rule, we loan out minimum amounts of R5 000 and do not exceed the maximum amount of R500 000. If you are worried about the safety of your vehicle while you are paying off your loan, do not worry. We have our own dedicated and well-secured premises where we will ensure that your vehicle is kept absolutely safe for the duration of your contract.

If you find that you simply cannot repay the loaned amount – do not panic. We can sell the vehicle on your behalf to cover the expenses incurred and we will even refund you any additional money that gets made in the deal. At XCELSIOR we keep our interest rates low and our service phenomenal.

Take the time to chat to us about your financial needs and requirements, and we will ensure that you are presented with a cash loan amount in as little as just 30 minutes after your application approval. For the best low interest loans in town – XCELSIOR is the way to go!