Looking for Quick, Cheap, Short Term, Secured Loans?

You will no doubt find yourself in a position where you need some cash urgently at some stage of your life. When this happens, the logical response would normally be to apply for a loan through your bank or another loan provider. Nowadays, the economic climate is quite prohibitive and banks and loan providers are not that keen to lend money to their clients any more.

If your credit record is less than spotless, chances are that you will not qualify for a loan very easily. Secured loans are always an option, but even these are hard to come by if you do not have a great credit record. They can also be expensive and the application and approval process takes very long. Short term loans tend to have high interest rates even when they are secured, and you may end up paying a lot more than originally anticipated!

XCELSIOR Loans now offer a solution to the cash problem with new, innovative secured loans which are taking the banking industry by storm! If you are in urgent need of a loan and you have a motorised asset in good working order, you will be able to secure a loan for up to half of the value of this asset. The money is made available to you very quickly as there are no lengthy processes involved. Blacklisting is also not a problem as there are no credit checks involved.

It is very easy and quick to apply for our secured loans. Just follow a few easy steps!

Step 1: Apply! There are a few ways to apply for your loan. You may visit one of our branches in person and speak to a representative who will fill in your application form. You can also complete the online application form yourself and a representative will contact you to continue the process. Our representatives will even come to you! No more worries about expensive travel costs or travelling times, we can do your loan application in the comfort of your own home, or any venue of your choice.

Step 2: Once the application has been completed it is time for the valuation of the assets. We accept any motorised vehicle such as your car, truck or motorbike as collateral. The representative will value your assets and determine the amount of money that you may borrow. You will usually be allowed to borrow up to fifty percent of the value of the assets. If you need more money, you may use more assets as collateral and the loan amount will be calculated on the total value of all the assets. You will have to hand over the original registration documents for all the assets to the representative. The assets will be removed to our storage facility and kept until you have repaid the loan.

Step 3: Once the valuation has been done and the loan amount determined and approved, the representative will work out a suitable payment plan for you. All interest and costs will be clearly explained so that you completely understand the entire process and all monies involved.

Step 4: After the repayment plan has been agreed upon, our representative will do a money transfer into your account via EFT – in your presence. This means that your loan may be available to you in as little as half an hour! No other loan provider can do this for you!

It is a fact that people sometimes default on repaying their loans – if this happens to you while you are repaying our loan, we will, as far as possible, work with you to structure a repayment plan that will work for you. If this is not possible, we will sell the asset and recoup the loan amount from the sale. Any money left over after the loan has been redeemed will be returned to you.

We aim to provide secured loans to everyone who has acceptable assets to offer as collateral. Our processes are simple and easy, and the whole application process may take under an hour, during which the money will be paid into your bank account. We do not work with cash and deal only with secure electronic transfers.

We treat all our clients with dignity and your loan information is handled with strict confidentiality. If you are in need of secured loans in a hurry, contact XCELSIOR Loans today!