Looking for Pawn Loans? Contact XCELSIOR

If you are in financial difficulty and need some quick money fast, you will probably find that you have very few avenues to explore. If you do not have the energy or time to deal with the schlep of applying for loans from the bank or other financial services provider, or to spend time and energy on the advertising and selling of your assets, then you may want to consider our pawn loans.

How Our Pawn Loans Work

We basically work on the same basis as a pawn shop – in short, you give us your asset and we give you money. When you have repaid the loan, we return your asset. It really is that easy. There are some obvious differences between our pawn loans and a normal pawn service: (a) we only take motorised vehicles as collateral, and (b) we conduct our business online, (c) we pay only via EFT and not in cash, and best of all, (d) we are a recognised financial services provider!

Your motor vehicle, bakkie, truck, motorcycle or jet-ski will enable you to borrow money from us in a process which is as quick and easy as pawning your golf kit at the local pawn shop! All you have to do is to contact our team at XCELSIOR Loans for an appointment. You may also choose to fill in the online application and one of our representatives will contact you to arrange a convenient time to meet. Our representatives can even meet you at your home! You no longer have to worry about long travel times or expensive journeys, as our representative will come to you.

Our professional and discreet representative will help you to complete the application online, which means that there is no lengthy paperwork to fill in. The process is a significantly short one – from application to payment of the money into your account may take as little as half an hour!

Once the application has been completed and you have provided the relevant registration documents for the assets you want to pawn, our representative will value the assets. We will lend you up to fifty percent of the value of your assets, providing that these assets are in good working order. Once the valuation has been done and the value of the assets has been determined, it is time to talk money!

You will be informed of the amount of money that we are able to lend you, after which repayment terms will carefully be worked out for you. All charges and payments are explained to you to ensure that there are no last minute surprises for you when you repay the loan. Everything is explained concisely and clearly and you will know exactly how to proceed with repayment, how long it will take, and also how much the final amount of repayment will be.

Once the repayment plan has been worked out and agreed upon, the representative will make an EFT transfer of the agreed amount into your bank account. This will happen in your presence and the money, depending on your bank or financial institution, may be available to you immediately. So, from application through to valuation, approval and payment to you, the entire process may take less than an hour!

We will retain your asset in our secure storage facilities and once your have repaid the loan in full it will be returned to you in the condition that we received it. You don’t have to worry about the safety of your asset as our storage areas are well secured with around the clock security, and all the assets contained therein are insured against fire, theft and damage. You can rest assured that your asset is safe with us and that it will be returned safely to you once the loan is repaid.

Getting Pawn Loans Made Easy!

We do not even perform credit checks, and it doesn’t matter if you are blacklisted, as we retain your asset as security. In the event of a continuous default, we will sell your asset to recoup our loan amount, but the balance of the money from the sale after the loan amount has been deducted will be returned to you.

Our service is discreet and we treat all our clients with great integrity and confidentiality. Contact one of our branches today and one of our representatives will ensure that you have the money you need – fast, quick and easy cash!