How Does XCELSIOR Differ from Other Loan Companies

Have you had unsuccessful dealings with loan companies in the past? If you have, there is nothing to be embarrassed about and you should take comfort in the fact that thousands of others have been in the very same position as you. It is not easy to get a loan in South Africa anymore and while the laws and regulations in place are understandable, they can sometimes work against those who are deserve the financial aid and can actually afford to repay it. If you have been applying for loans and not had much success, it may be time to consider some alternatives.

Not all loan companies are the same and if you are looking for an alternative loan model to the one that is traditionally available through banks and top lending institutions, you could find what you need in a pawn loan. If you have heard of these types of loans, but are not sure exactly how they work, you have come to the right place. We deal with pawn loans on a regular basis and we are always willing to spend some time making sure that our clients understand how this type of loan works and how it can benefit them.

A pawn loan is a loan that is based on collateral. If you have some form of collateral, you can usually borrow a certain amount while the collateral item is held. Once the loan is paid off in full, the collateral item is returned to you. It is a basic loan model and it certainly makes it far simpler to get cash in a hurry, or if you are struggling to pass the strict checks and tests of regular financial institutions. We offer pawn loans and take a vehicle as form of collateral. Vehicles that we accept include cars, motorbikes, trucks, vans, bakkies and jet skis, but not boats.

We assure our clients that we will take the utmost care of their vehicle during their loan period. In fact, we will ensure that your vehicle is parked under cover at our facility, which offers 24-hour security. You can trust us to keep your vehicle safe while you are focusing on getting important things in your life sorted out. While we can loan you an amount of up to 50% of the value of your vehicle, we always recommend that you only borrow the amount that you specifically need. It is a responsible way to borrow and makes paying back the instalments more affordable for you.

How can you apply for a loan with XCELSIOR? It is really simple. You can give us a call or you can complete the simple online application. It will literally take a few minutes of your time. We will be in touch with you so that your vehicle’s value can be assessed and upon your acceptance of the loan amount and terms, we can pay you immediately. No background checks, no credit checks and no affordability assessments. It really is that simple.

Do you need more information and do you want to learn more about how we differ from other loan companies? Contact us at XCELSIOR via email or telephone today.