Help! I want to pawn my car in Gauteng

As a registered credit provider, we help people access cash with a loan against their vehicles. We believe it is important to make decisions based on credible information. As such, we answer questions, such as “how do I pawn my car in Gauteng” and more to help you make an informed decision on the fastest and easiest way to get cash in emergency situations.

Pawn my car in Gauteng

Why can I not borrow money against my vehicle at a second-hand store?

Normal retail pawnbrokers do not have the secure storage facilities to keep your vehicle safe. They offer short-term loans of one to three months against goods. As such, they cannot provide the facilities and the amounts required. In addition, they do not have experienced vehicle value assessors.

Where can I pawn my car in Gauteng?

You can do so through the easy-to-complete application process online or at one of our branches. You will need to visit one of our branches but can commence with the application process from the comfort of your home or office.

What about credit and background checks?

We do not perform lengthy credit or background checks. You do not have to submit proof of income, references, or any documents other than:

  • Original vehicle registration papers to prove ownership.
  • Identity document.
  • Valid SA driver’s licence.

Can I borrow money against my car if it is registered in my business’ name?

Yes, subject to the submission of the original vehicle registration papers, the company registration documents, and ID documents of all the directors.

What if there is still an amount outstanding on the vehicle?

Only once the vehicle is paid in full will you receive the original vehicle registration papers. The lending institution is thus the rightful owner of the vehicle until it is paid in full. We can only register a loan against your vehicle if you are the rightful owner, and the vehicle is not encumbered by debt.

Can I borrow money against my caravan?

Yes. You can pawn your boat, caravan, truck, motorcycle, or trailer.

How is the amount that I can borrow determined?

Unlike with a bank overdraft or any other type of loan, the vehicle is the only security required. The loan amount is based on the assessed and trade value of the vehicle

How much can I borrow against my car in Gauteng?

You can borrow between R5 000 and R250 000, depending on the assessed value of the vehicle.

Do I have to agree to the loan amount?

No. We provide you with a quote and explain the payment terms, including interest payable. A repayment period is discussed. Once you accept the agreement and the required documentation has been submitted, the amount is paid into your account.

How long after approval before I receive the cash for my vehicle?

The money is paid to your bank account immediately after approval.

How long does the application process take?

It is a straightforward process and takes only 30 minutes.

What is the first step to pawn my car in Gauteng?

Get the documentation together and SMS “Quick Cash” to 41235 or complete the online form and we will call you.

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