Find Cheap Loans in Four Easy Steps

Everybody needs a cash injection sometimes and the only way to get hold of money is to borrow it. With the economy in its current state, financial institutions and banks are becoming less willing to lend money and to qualify for a loan could be near to impossible. Many people get blacklisted and even if they have the current means to repay a loan, their loan application will be rejected due to the blacklisting. Even if you succeed in borrowing money, it is expensive, as cheap loans are not easy to find.

At XCELSIOR Loans we have the answer. We have a brand new business model for fast, short term loans that is revolutionising the financial industry. Our application process is fast and easy, we do not perform background checks, we can usually give you an approval of your loan within half an hour, and deposit the money into your account within minutes of approval. Nobody else does this!

How does it work?

We offer cheap loans on a short term basis to people who can secure the loan with an asset, such as a car, bike, truck or other acceptable moveable asset. We physically retain your asset and give you the loan in return. While you repay the loan, we keep your asset safely stored. Once you have repaid the loan, we return your asset. It is really easy!

Your loan is secured by your asset and as we retain this asset, we do not need to check your credit record and your application is not affected by blacklisting.

How to Apply for Cheap Loans in Four Easy Steps

STEP ONE: First you have to apply for the loan. You can do this by filling in the online application form, or you can contact one of our representatives who will help you with the application. There is no paperwork to fill in and our representative can assist you in our office or visit you at a location that is convenient for you. There is no need to travel anywhere, as we can do the application from your home!

STEP TWO: Once the form has been completed, we will value the asset that you are using for collateral. You may put up more than one asset as security to qualify for a bigger loan. We are able to determine the value of the asset or assets and may lend you up to fifty per cent of the total value of the assets. You may deliver your asset to us or we can arrange to have it collected.

STEP THREE: Once we have determined how much money we can lend you, we work out a repayment plan for you. Our process is totally transparent and we ensure that we point out all the relevant interest and charges to you, so that you are aware of exactly how much you will repay and when.

STEP FOUR: We give you money! We immediately make a transfer into your bank account via EFT in your presence. This means that you may have access to this money in as little as 30 minutes.

You can rest assured that your asset is stored safely and securely in a storage facility with twenty four hour security. Once the loan has been repaid, we will return your asset to you in the condition in which we received it.

XCELSIOR is a trusted, honest and fair loan service which is privately owned, and we provide money for the short term at affordable interest rates when you need it most. We are funded by private investors and provide a revolutionary financial service in South Africa. We are a registered credit provider and we ensure all our transactions comply with the national consumer act. Unlike all other financial services institutions and credit providers, we do not require background checks as we use various types of motorised vehicles as collateral to secure loans. As a result we welcome clients that are blacklisted or have bad credit records.

If you would like to qualify for cheap loans of between R5000 and R500,000, contact us today. Our representatives are waiting to hear from you. You may also feel free to fill in the online application form and one of our consultants will contact you shortly. You can then apply for the loan either at our offices, in the safety of your own home, or any other location that suits you. We have no hidden costs and you will be sure of exactly what and when to repay. We will ensure that your asset is collected and that your money is available within the hour. Contact us today – we look forward to being of service!

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