Can You Use Your Car as Collateral for a Cash Loan?

It is a sad fact of life that we cannot always afford the financial burdens that are laid upon us. Your daughter may have to go to university, and you need to pay out thousands of rands. Perhaps you lost your job and, as a result, your family needs money to survive? Or perhaps a family member is ill, and you need to cover medical costs? There are many different scenarios in which people find themselves in need of instant cash, but they don’t have the resources at times when it is most needed.

Cash Loan

In times of financial need, it is often difficult (or nearly impossible) to find the assistance you need. Banks seem unapproachable. They have very strict loan policies and are very reluctant to hand out short- or long-term loans to anybody that does not have a sterling credit track record or serious assets to use as collateral. This is where XCELSIOR excels at providing a service for the people who need it most. Our car for cash loans are easy to apply for and will help our customers during financially tough times when it seems like borrowing money is out of the question.

How Our Car for Cash Loans Work

We can help you if you have a vehicle, such as a car, bakkie, truck, caravan, or even a motorbike, that can serve as security against the loan we give you. By using your vehicle as collateral, you can qualify for a loan of up to 50% of the value of the vehicle. Applying for a loan is very easy. All you have to do is the following:

Apply: You can use your car to apply for cash loan by filling in an online form, and our agents will contact you. Alternatively, you can visit our offices or give us a call. If you visit our offices with the vehicle, we can immediately assess the vehicle to determine its value, of which you can borrow up to 50%. 

If you are at home, one of our assessors will visit your premises to assess the value of the vehicle, and then provide you with an estimate. The loan contract will be drawn up and everything about the loan will be carefully explained to you to ensure that you completely understand what the repayments are, how long it will take, and what your interest rate is on the car for cash loan.

Contract: Once the contract has been explained by our consultant and the paperwork drawn up, we will take possession of your vehicle. This is because we need your vehicle to act as security for your car for cash loan. We will keep possession of your vehicle in a secure parking facility that is manned around the clock. Nobody will drive your vehicle out of our secure parking, and you can rest assured that your vehicle will be safe in our possession. Once the loan has been paid out in full, you can retrieve your vehicle and carry on with life as usual!

As you can see, our cars for cash vehicle loans are a blessing for people who need funds immediately. Some of our clients even have the money in their bank within an hour after their application was approved. We take great pride in our willingness to help customers and to ensure the safety of their vehicles while in our custody. Give us a call today to find out more!

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