Boost Company Cash Flow with a Same Day Loan. Apply for a Cash Flow Loan at XCELSIOR

There comes a time in any new business’ lifespan when extra company cash flow is needed. Often, by accessing a bit of extra cash flow, a business can thrive and flourish a great deal quicker. Having the extra cash at hand means that you do not have to miss out on money-making opportunities. It also means you can drive your business success in the right direction.
So, how do you get this much-needed company cash flow? Applying for a traditional loan with the bank may prove difficult if you do not have a great credit record, or if your company turnover is not enough. You might think that it is the end of the road, but it is not. XCELSIOR offers loans for people just like you. Loans for entrepreneurs who need extra company cash flow are quite simple to get at XCELSIOR. And the only real requirement is that you need to have a fully paid-off vehicle that you can use as collateral.If you have a spare vehicle, or if you run your business as normal without your current vehicle, you can use it as security against your XCELSIOR loan. The vehicles that we accept include cars, bakkies, trucks, motorbikes, and jet skis. Unfortunately, boats are no longer accepted as collateral.

How can you use your vehicle to get extra company cash flow? The process is quite simple. All you need to do is complete the quick online application form. The online application requires your personal particulars and a few supporting documents including a copy of your ID, and the registration papers of the vehicle. Our application process is paperless, which is great for the environment, and for you too.

If you have applied for loans with banks before, you will know that any loan for company cash flow will require cash flow projections, sales projections, and so on. You will also have to go through an affordability assessment, and provide motivational statements for the bank to consider. At XCELSIOR, we will not put you through the stress. We do not conduct affordability assessments, and we will not interrogate you about the reason for the loan, and how you will effectively pay it back.

What sets loans from XCELSIOR apart from others on the market?

For starters, XCELSIOR does not do affordability assessments, as already mentioned, but that is not all. We also do not do credit checks, and we happily provide loans to blacklisted individuals. Our application process is quick and easy, our turnaround on outcomes is just as quick, and many of our applicants get the cash they need paid into their bank account within 45 minutes.

You can really boost your company cash flow with a loan of between R 5 000 and R 500 000. The amount you can receive is limited by the value of the vehicle. Once we assess the value of your collateral vehicle, we can offer you a loan amount of up to 50% of the value.

If you are looking for a loan to boost your company cash flow, you have come to the right place. Complete the online application, and wait for an XCELSIOR consultant to get in touch with you. For questions and advice, feel free to contact us via email or telephone today.