Blacklisted and Need Car Loans?

We Can Help You to Get the Car You Deserve

Need a car loan? Blacklisted? Not credit worthy? Been declined by a bank? Everyone wants to own a car, but due to some financial problems or for want of money, it seems impossible. Bad credit is now a general problem in South Africa as people generally face situations like high credit burdens, defaults in repayment, Judgments, bankruptcy and arrears, etc. Being in debt can lead to being blacklisted by authorized lending institutions thus making it very difficult to acquire any type of loan. Even an insignificant, missed credit card payment from five years ago could inhibit your ability to apply for any car loans.

If you are experiencing financial problems and are unable to get vehicle finance because of your blacklisted status then contact XCELSIOR Loans and we’ll have you on the road, behind the wheel within 24 hours of meeting our criteria. Our car loans are available from a minimum of R5 000 to a maximum of R500ÂÂ 000 and only limited to the value of assets offered as security.

Why Use XCELSIOR Loans?

XCELSIOR Loans is a privately owned registered credit provider in South Africa. We boast 15 years of experience in the loans sector of South Africa’s financial services industry which has enabled us to pioneer a unique business model that takes advantage of the mainstream lending industry’s shortcomings. Our unique loan model is particularly advantageous to those clients who are not considered credible by mainstream financial institutions and desperately need car loans fast – making us a preferred credit provider.

Unlike banks and other credit providers, we do not require credibility from our loan applicants. The only requirement is collateral in the form of moveable assets (cars, bakkies & SUVs, trucks, motorbikes and even motorised sports vehicles, like jet skis), where the value of your asset determines the loan amount you qualify for. These assets are used as collateral and ownership remains with our clients. This allows clients to acquire instant cash, without disposing of their valuable assets.

Quick, Easy Paperless Loan Application Process

There has never been a car loan application process as quick and easy – no red tape, no paper and no stress! Due to our unique business model, no background checks are done and car loans can be approved even if you are blacklisted. We can have instant cash transferred into your bank account of your choice within 45 minutes of completing our online application. Too good to be true? Take a look at how easy our loan application process is:

Firstly, please note that we are a credit provider that highly respects our client’s privacy and guarantee absolute discretion throughout the entire loan process. Our ethical process is completely transparent and involves no hidden costs or nasty surprises.

Simply complete our user friendly 30 minute online application form and we will immediately start working on your assessment. We quickly assess the security asset(s) that you put up as collateral to determine the car loan amount you qualify for. Within minutes, the size of the loan is calculated and based on this assessment, we will loan you up to 50% of the asset’s value. An XCELSIOR Loans representative will get back to you within 45 minutes with an outcome.

Once your loan has been approved we will require a copy of your ID document, proof of address and the original registration papers of the security asset(s). Once we have received the documents, we will immediately EFT the funds. We will then collect your security asset, or you can have it delivered to us personally. This will be kept safe in a secure facility with 24-hour security. You can rest assured that under no circumstance will any of our customers’ cars be driven while in storage. Moreover, insurance will cover your vehicle just in case any unforeseen accidents may happen.

Repayment Terms

When it comes to repayment, most customers choose to make monthly payments, however, you can choose to either repay the full loan amount, or you can choose to make monthly service payments which will include interest. As soon as you wish to settle your loan, we return your security asset(s) in the same condition as we received it.

Should a client be unable to repay their car loan, we sell the asset through our associated vehicle traders. In this way, we recoup what is due to us and avoid incurring bad debt. If there are surplus funds from this sale, they are paid back to you, our client – yet another unique service model feature that sets XCELSIOR Loans apart from other micro-lenders. For more information on car loans, contact XCELSIOR Loans today.