Are You Looking for a Loan Company? Contact XCELSIOR

If you are looking for a loan company that caters to your needs and does not waste your time, we are your first stop. Our company provides cash when it is needed, no questions asked. Of course, there are requirements, but they are easy to meet.

This is what you need:

  • Collateral in the form of a vehicle that is registered in your name and fully paid off. We accept cars, bakkies, trucks, SUVs, jet skis and similar vehicles.
  • Proof of South African citizenship.

What happens to your vehicle for the duration of your loan? We are often asked this question. Your vehicle will be stored safely, at our secure facilities. It will remain untouched for the duration of your loan and you do not have to worry about its safety, because we have ample on-site security. The vehicle will be covered and therefore protected from the elements.

When do you get your vehicle back? As soon as your vehicle is paid off, the vehicle will be returned to you.

Another question we often hear is regarding what will happen if the loan cannot be repaid. If, for some reason, you cannot afford to repay your loan amount and are missing repayments, we can have the vehicle sold in order to cover the costs. Even in this situation, we have your best interests at heart and will ensure that we get the best possible price for your car. If there are any additional funds acquired from the sale over and above what was needed to settle the loan, we will pay the balance over to you.

Our loan company keeps things simple. Here is what you can expect:

  • Same day pay-outs on approved loans.
  • Loan amounts approved for up to 50 per cent of the assessed value of the vehicle.
  • Low interest rates.
  • No background checks of affordability assessments.
  • Blacklisted people can be approved for loans.

Below are a few scenarios in which our loan company can provide you with much needed funds, where other financing institutions may deny your request:

  • You are blacklisted or under debt review.
  • You have a low credit rating.
  • You are starting a new business and have no prior credit history or collateral to use (besides your vehicle, of course).
  • You need cash in a hurry and do not have time to wait.
  • You are frustrated with lengthy loan application processes that keep you waiting.
  • The loan amounts that you are approved for are much lower than what you actually require.

If you are looking around for a loan company that can provide you with an affordable, low-interest loan, you have come to the right place.

What You Need to Know About Us

XCELSIOR is a privately owned and registered credit provider offering short-term loans to South African individuals. We have no hidden fees and expenses and if you are an existing customer, you can gain access to great specials such as discounts on interest rates. We grant loans of between R5000 and R500 000 and try to have our loans paid out within 45 minutes of successful application. The only thing that limits the total amount that you can loan is the value of your collateral vehicle as we can only provide 50% of the vehicle’s value. We do not ask questions about your reasons for needing a loan. We simply get to work making sure that you can get the cash you need, when you need it; no hassles and no fuss.

If you are shopping around for a loan company that truly has your convenience at heart, you are at the right place. For more information and advice on our loan model, contact us via email or telephone today.