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Need access to loans? Get cash against company or individually owned assets

If you have already approached a loans company in the hopes of securing finance for a business venture and have been turned down, do not despair. A solution is available that does not involve having a good credit record, proof of residence, and proof of income. How is it possible? Unlike short-term solutions based on […]

You Can Own a Loan Company

Business opportunities might be all around you, but not all of them will provide high returns with a relatively low financial risk. This is why XCELSIOR offers you the opportunity to own a loan company where you are your own boss, while benefitting from the support of our team. By owning your own loan company […]

What Types of Loans are a Good Solution for South African Lenders

What Types of Loans are a Good Solution for South African Lenders with Our Current Economy? It comes as no real surprise that according to Business Tech, South Africa is ranked as the top country in the world for taking out loans. Many South African’s are faced with a less than a festive year end […]

Are You Looking for a Loan Company? Contact XCELSIOR

If you are looking for a loan company that caters to your needs and does not waste your time, we are your first stop. Our company provides cash when it is needed, no questions asked. Of course, there are requirements, but they are easy to meet. This is what you need: Collateral in the form […]

How Does XCELSIOR Differ from Other Loan Companies

Have you had unsuccessful dealings with loan companies in the past? If you have, there is nothing to be embarrassed about and you should take comfort in the fact that thousands of others have been in the very same position as you. It is not easy to get a loan in South Africa anymore and […]