Business Cash Flow Loans to Get Your New Venture Up, Running, and Growing

Starting a new business can be a minefield. There is a lot to think about, and undoubtedly, cash flow and finances are on the forefront of your mind. When you are just getting things off the ground, chances are that you feel overwhelmed. A reality that you will face is that not all lenders are eager to provide loans or financial aid to start-up companies. If they do, there is usually considerable collateral required, as well as financial forecasting. For those who want to avoid the red tape, hassles, and potential loan application rejection, there are other types of business cash flow loans that you can apply for. We are talking about taking out a loan against your vehicle.
For those who have a poor credit rating, are under debt review, or just cannot get approval from the bank, loaning against a vehicle is a shining light at the end of the dark tunnel of start-up business financial frustrations. And we are just the company to shine that light for you. With our unique loan model, we are able to offer people, just like you, business cash flow loans that are affordable and come with flexible terms attached.

What makes our business cash flow loans different from other collateral loans is that there is no background check or credit check required to get loan approval. We base our decision on the value of the vehicle, and whether you are able to meet our minimum requirements or not. Do not worry, we keep things simple and upfront. There is no confusing industry jargon to struggle with, and we will not bury you under piles of paperwork and administration when applying for a loan with us. In fact, completing our online application form will take just a few minutes of your time. Thereafter, we can make an arrangement for an assessor to come and see your collateral vehicle, and then we can make a decision as to how much we can lend you.

Loans at XCELSIOR are really only limited by the value of your vehicle. If it is in a good condition, and valued at a certain price, we can offer you a total loan amount up to 50% of that assessed value. That should provide you with sufficient business cash flow to get things off the ground and sustain the growth and development of your business. With proper planning and dedication, the profits you can generate with your new cash flow will soon see you paying off your loan, and well on your way to financial success.

About You
There are things we need to know about you when you apply for a loan. We would like to know a little more, so that we can process and capture your loan details efficiently. If you do not meet with these requirements, we will not be able to assist you.
Here is what we need to know and need to confirm about you:
• You are 18 years old or older,
• You are a permanent resident of South Africa or a South African citizen,
• The vehicle you would like to use as collateral is paid off in full, and is registered to you or someone who has provided you with written authorisation to use the vehicle as collateral.

Make the cut for a loan with us? We are glad that you do. Now, all you need to do is get in touch with us. Simply complete our online loan application form, or contact us via email or telephone today.