Pawn Your Car for Cash Instead of Loaning from Family and Friends

Who would have thought that you could use your car for cash without having to sell it? The concept of being able to get cash for your car, while still being able to keep it, might be a foreign one to you, but it is a concept that is catching on. More and more people are learning that by temporarily pawning their car, they can get the financial relief they need, without having to lose what is often their most valuable asset. At XCELSIOR, we have helped hundreds, even thousands, of people achieve financial freedom by offering a unique loan model that provides much-needed cash now, and pay it back with affordable and reasonable repayment terms. What is great about our loan model is that it is also available to blacklisted individuals, or those who have a poor credit rating. This means that you can stop fearing the loan application rejection call or email, and start expecting to get the cash you need, now.

Of course, when you use your car for cash loans, you will need to part with your vehicle, but it is not forever. It is just for the duration of your loan period, and once the loan is repaid in full, the vehicle will be returned to you in the same condition as it was received. However, this does not alleviate all the risk. You will be responsible for handling your loan account correctly, and if the loan cannot be repaid, the vehicle will then be sold to cover the costs.

Interest rates are always an important aspect to consider when applying for a loan. While your vehicle will secure the loan for you, you will need to be able to afford the repayments. At XCELSIOR, we keep our interest rates reasonable, and while we do not carry out affordability assessments, we always encourage our applicants to be responsible with their loan applications, and to do their own affordability assessment before settling on a required amount.

Using your car for cash is an easier and less complicated way of acquiring financial relief than relying on family, friends, and colleagues. There is a general belief that money matters between family and friends can complicate things, and as far as history goes, that seems to be true. If you wish to keep your financial matters discreet, and be able to afford a loan that you can readily pay off, it is time to think of your alternative options.

You might wonder what the catch is. The catch is that you need to own the vehicle, and it must be paid off in full. These loans are only available to those who are residents of South Africa, and can part with the vehicle that is being used for collateral. While you do not need a full-time job, you must provide your ID, and the papers for the vehicle.

Need a little more help with pawning your car for cash? All you need to do is get in touch with us via email or telephone at XCELSIOR. We are here to help!