loan model

XCELSIOR provides short-term loans to clients that need cash flow fast.

With the current financial constraints it has become increasingly difficult to obtain cash – especially via traditional methods, like bank loans. Our unique loan model is particularly beneficial to clients who need instant bridging finance or who are not considered credible by mainstream financial institutions.

XCELSIOR offers loans against motor vehicle assets (cars, trucks, caravans, bikes and even motorised sports vehicles, like jet skis). These assets are used as collateral and ownership remains with our clients. All vehicles are safely stored in a secure facility and returned upon settlement of the loans. This allows clients to acquire instant cash, without disposing of their valuable assets.

Should a client be unable to repay a loan, we sell the asset through our associated vehicle traders. In this way, we recoup what is due to XCELSIOR and avoid incurring bad debt. If there are surplus funds from this sale, they are paid out to the client – yet another service feature that sets XCELSIOR apart from other micro-lenders.

Because of our unique approach, unlike banks, we do not conduct any affordability assessments and thus welcome clients who are currently blacklisted.



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