Loan Process

We highly respect your privacy and guarantee absolute discretion throughout the loan process.

The loan application is quick, easy and paperless. Due to our unique business model, no background checks are done and loans can be approved even if you are blacklisted. Our ethical process is completely transparent and involves no hidden costs or nasty surprises.

Phone us to arrange an appointment, or complete the online application form and we will contact you. An XCELSIOR representative can even visit you if it’s more convenient than coming to our offices. The whole process is paperless, so there is no paper work to complete. The full application process takes about 30 minutes.

We quickly assess the asset(s) that you put up as collateral to determine the loan amount you qualify for. Within minutes, the size of the loan is calculated from the value of your vehicle, truck, bike or motor sport vehicles. Based on this assessment, we will loan you up to 50% of the asset’s value.

In your presence, we immediately make the payment via electronic funds transfer to the bank account of your choice. You can have access to the cash within 30 minutes of starting the application process.

Storage of Vehicles:
We will collect your security asset, or you can deliver it to us personally. The assets of our clients are stored in a secure facility with 24-hour security.

You either repay the full loan amount or service the monthly interest and charges. As soon as you wish to settle your loan, we return your security in the same condition as we received it.